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I am a pain killer addict - any opiate painkiller.  Mostly it's been hydrocodone/norco.  Did a half-*** taper for the past 2 weeks...down from 400mg/day to 30-40mg a day, past weeks been 20-30/day.  Yesterday was 20.25mg...none left.

Help.  Been through WD's before...always break down and dose...

Please please please I need someone close who I can talk to and call while I walk through this special level of Hell reserved just for us painkiller addicts.  

Please help me...
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Just finished reading a book by Todd Zalkins of the amazing band Sublime.  A few quotes in there grabbed me by the throat and shook the sense into me.

"Change or die."  I have got to change...today will be day 1.

"You NEVER "HAVE" to take pills again.  Even when you feel like to WANT to...you're over the dependency...you don't HAVE to.  You've feed yourself from the chains holding you to that prescription bottle. You did it...you beat it."
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I feel your pain. Have you heard of Thomas's Recipe..Amino Acid Protocol? Scroll down to bottom of this page..see Health Pages on right hand side. There are supplements, vitamins, Hylands Restless Leg Syndromw, immodium and much more to help with detox and w/d. You can do it..there are many here to testify that living w/o opiates is a million x's better than with. You just have to get through the next 5 days..one hour at a time. When I was going through w/d's I was glued to this screen..reading and posting and trusting that it was going to get better. Keep posting...many are here to help, advise and pray for you.
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Hey there, Just hoping you are doin' okay? let us know if you need some support or/and advice..or just need to vent. I'm listening..
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