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How long can drug induced pyscosis last

I have a son he’s 19 years old I can’t pinpoint what drug he’s using but his life has completely changed he has no interest in anything he’s became extremely paranoid saying bizarre things that’s not real don’t trust anybody rarely sleep no interest in normal activities I know he doesn’t use every day he was with my parents for a week and his mental state was improving we went through this a couple months ago and he stopped whatever he was doing he got back ok it took seems like a month or so but he got back ok but this time it seems like it’s taking longer we’ve tried to talk with him he won’t admit to anything I’ve found Percocet in his room awhile back these new neighbors just moved in my neighborhood and I’ve heard they use meth but like I said he won’t admit to anything another thing he can’t sit still for long always paceing back and forth around the house even after I know he hasn’t had anything he still have these symptoms my question is does they normally last this long and any advice on what we should do I really want to get him help
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What does it seem like he does with his free time if he has no interest in hobbies/activities? When you are home what's his behavior like?  Does he tend to isolate himself away from people for long periods of time?
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In his free time he does nothing no interest in anything all he does is pace the house all day I try to talk to him he says he’s alright ain’t nothing wrong with him he use to be very social had female friends but now he shows no interest in none of that up at night sleep during the day
Does he ever leave the house?  Have you ever snooped around his room looking for evidence ? Aluminum foil/lighters/torches/q-tips that are dirty with black stuff (not earwax).

It seems like hes got a lot of energy without anywhere to put it to use which I find intriguing but also concerning. Im saying that because Ive used crystal before and every user that gets high always has "something" to tweak out on.

Whether its cleaning the house at 3am or taking an engine apart or some other random work in progress, there was always some project that needed to be complete, which means unless you can find some solid physical evidence of drug use/paraphernalia he actually might not be using anymore and hes just in recovery phase which can last for months but can also be reduced if he is able to improve his lifestyle through proper diet (BCAA's are game changers), exercise, and overall just getting out of the house trying to find something positive that he enjoys.

It seems like hes stuck in the zombie phase called Anhedonia which is a sad place to be, alot of people can experience an onset of depression during this time. What were some things he used to love to do when he was younger? Play any instruments? Video games? Skateboard/Biking/Sports?
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I'm going to have to second the crystal meth theory.  And as an addict, I would never admit to my using to anyone.  If your son is living with you have you considered making him take a drug test?  They sell them at local drugstores.  If you do this, don't tell him ahead of time.
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Thanks for the reply I will take that approach
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I would also wonder about meth, although there are others that can cause this type of behavior. It could also be mental health related. If he's denying any drug use, I would wonder if he might agree to an assessment by a mental health professional. Hopefully that might get to the root of what's really going on, whether it be mental health, drug use, or a mix of both.

Wishing you the best,
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Hi Gforce,

Things are a little slow here nowadays so you it takes a bit to get an answer.  Unless your son is just mentally ill it sounds like crystal meth.  I've been around users and they become paranoid, don't sleep, say things that don't make sense and lie aggressively.  I wouldn't think it would last days after last use though.  Are you sure he isn't secretly using?  It's pretty easy to hide and it does last a long time.  If he could use once a day that would probably do it.
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First of all thanks for the reply but yes I think he is secretly using but times when I know he’s not it seems he’s still having symptoms but not as bizarre but he’s surely not himself anymore he’s lost touch with reality it hurts so bad going through this I work 12hr a day 6 days a week and I just simply don’t know how and what to do at this point but thanks for the reply
Thanks Danny111
You're welcome Gforce,

I'm sorry you're in such a tough situation.  He definitely needs help, whether it be mental health or detox and then rehab.   I know you love your son but you do need to look to your own safety and security first.  Is he safe to be around?  Can you get him to go for an assessment?  If so he needs to be assessed in a clinical setting.  They will drug test him and find out if this is drug related, mental illness or a combination.  I'm afraid to say that if he is unwilling to go for help you may have to take a hard line and make it a condition for living at home.

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