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How many days clean do u have?

Hi. I have 7 days clean of opiates  I am looking for others who r in or around the same clean time to share some experiences with.   Helps to talk to people.  Lmk where ur at and if you need a friend!
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323 days for me!
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Getting close to 300 days. Pills were never my DOC although I was on them a couple times. Just wanted to say congrats on a week clean and hope your feeling good. I felt like hell my first month clean, but it gets so much better:)
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3 days for me.  the days i can kind of handle but i've always found night lonely and this make it about ummmmm 100000 times worse!!!  I was on oc20 and percs for 4 months and hated myself every day for doing them. I have LOVED waking not hating myself for the first time in 4 months.  now that's a high.  I got the runs - a wierd feelings in my tummy, weird feelings in my soul.  my skin was crawling like and pins and needles and my bed was wet from sweet night 1. the WD have honestly not too bad.  just feel the guilt of messing up - feel weak and like a fool.
congrats on your 7 days. drugs destroy the real you and try to replace you with their version of the old you.  stay strong.  i never had an addiction before this and i can tell you life is bloody amazing without this stuff.  remember the guilt as you were coming down???  uggg
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It does get so much better I promise I have 964 days clean
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congrats on 7 days...i m on day 659 today but i remember day 7...i was so thrilled i made it 1 week and determined to keep adding up the days/weeks/years never looking back...i m so lucky i have many supporting friends who have kept me strong even on the worst days ever...we think we are never going to feel good but it does happen...all i wanted was to feel good/normal and it happened...it took a couple months to feel really good but so worth it.  hang in there...stay positive...if you need a friend please add me...maria :)
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726 days for me and life just keeps getting better!!            sara
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I am on day 23 of no vicodin or percocet.  I feel great.  Took them for the past few years.....seemed like each month my prescription would last fewer and fewer days....until I was buying them on the street just to make sure I didn't run out.  Now that I don't spend that money anymore, it feels great.  I actually have a savings account again!!  Who knew??
I love reading about how many days people have.....it's amazing and it motivates me to keep going!  
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I'm on day 7 myself. I went through medical withdrawal which helped a lot. I feel pretty good except for the lethargy and no appetite. Been drinking lots of ensure. I'm still having some anxiety, but I'm seeing a therapist once a week, and found a doctor who put me on Celexa. It's supposed to help with the anxiety and depression (which I haven't had much of). I also take a multi vitamin, vitamin c, Omega 3 and b-complex. If the anxiety gets to be too much, I take valerian. I'm also trying to stay as active as possible. Walks, even for 10 minutes helps.
I hope this helps some. Just know that these feelings are temporary. You WILL feel better.
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By the way, I was on 7 1/2 hydrocodone a day for 10 years.
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I have 13 days clean....I'm not sick anymore but no energy to speak of but they say it all comes back slowly. I tried to quit cold turkey a billion times and I have never gotten this far. I'm so glad I don't feel sick anymore but like I said the energy level is not there but with each day it will get better. Congrats on 7 days!! I was a ten year I had vicodin, & darvacet scripts and then they stsrted running out to fast so I started buying off the streets. I got up to but not everyday to 60 pills I had to have 25 a day just to be normal and/or ward off the W/D.... hang in there you will get through this and keep posting!!!
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240 days clean from alcohol and codeine,feeling great.

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