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I cancelled my dr.appt

Yeah so i suck at this trying to taper and how to figure out what the hell i'm doing with and to myself. So last week i was running low (tram's) have been counting and counting and being somewhat sick b/c i was taking way less than usual and scared i might end up going into w/d i franticlly* started looking into subxone and trying to find a dr. when i finally did after the 8th one i called that had an appt.!!  But i didn't run out i made it (barely) till my refill on sun. So the addict inside me that has been controling my mind for so long has me convinced that i'll finish this script and then call for another appt.to really start the subxone BUT- let me just finish these 1st.......truth is i have about 3 refills on this PLUS 4 on a script i have on hold!! so i'm struggling bad..really tho geez i have tram's (#180. 50mg a month, i take 7 pills 1st thing when i roll outta bed keep them under bed with my bottled water) at my fingers for the next 7 months then "i'll stop" what worries and scares me is say i do go to the dr. go on subxone and when i can eventually can stop that treatment the damn refills are still there...i loose no matter what either way it's sad cause i know i'll eat them, main reason i feel like if i don't finish them up it's a waste i'm wasting them all i wanted for so long is pills and now when i have them to rely on for "awhile" i waste them?!? I'm very disappointed with me WoW is all i can say........useless ramble over......................
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I have never heard a give sub for  tram withdrawl either .most of the doctors wont ...hummmmm where are you from?
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My friend got a script 6 months ago to suboxin and refers to it as the miracle drug.  He was an addict of 10 years and hasn't used since.  
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yeah that was the 1st thing i asked and subxone can be prescribed for it, i really am in aww, all i can do is try i guess
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hhmmm..I have never heard of a doctor prescribing Suboxone for Tramadol. Did you check that out before you made the appointment?

Tapering may be the only option, and it is a good one. Getting off of these drugs is a wonderful decision and you will not regret it.
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Don't be scared of the Suboxone, it really makes the detox process easy, of course you need to get counseling & do meetings or some kind of work. The sub will take away all cravings & you can most likely do a maintenance plan until you feel comfortable to wean of of it. Most people do really well on it. It is so much better that the prison of taking & thinking about swallowing pills all of the time. I do not intend to make you feel bad & just want to see you get away from the tram & to release yourself from prison. If you have any questions about the sub, I'll be happy to answer them if I can.

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The longer you continue to use, the harder it is going to be to stop...and the more damage you'll do to yourself  ...you don't have to get the refills

You need to decide how you want to do this..and then DO IT NOW!!!!

We're here for you...please take care of yourself!  Keep posting.
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