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In the middle of withdrawl, need help!!

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I think you'll get the help you need here. I have seen posted here the advice to take four grams, that's 4,000 milligrams of L-Lysine and 200 milligrams of B6 every other morning on a totally empty stomach and then wait at least an hour before you eat anything.

The thinking, which sounds logical to me, is that opiates replace the brain's natural endorphins and the brain stops making them in favor of the opiates. You stop taking the opiates and there's no endorphins waiting in the wings to step in and make you feel OK. So you feel like **** instead. The Lysine is what your brain needs to make more endorphins and other neurotransmitters; the B6 is a catalyst in that process. I take Lysine and B6 in order to help smooth out the mood swings consequent to taking 100 mg oxycontin twice a day. I take this stuff for nerve-involved spinal injuries, and I suppose I'll never stop unless they find a way to deal with the pain some other way.

Anyhow, I've seen others post the above advice. I know it works in smaller doses for mood swings. It should work for you. If you've gone 64 hours cold turkey, you should be able to kick this stuff. I, for one, will be rooting for you from the sidelines just like Walter Cronkite urging the moon shot off the pad. I, we, all need to see you make it off this ****. I think it helps everyone when anyone beats opiates. Go for it!

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I am just a little confused...did you mane Lysine or Tyrosine that spook had talked about?   curious as to which one because ironically I was on my way out the door to by the Tyrosien which I know spook recommends 4000 mgs...with the B6   thanks cin
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I think cindi is right it is 4000 mgs of L-Trosine and 200 mg of B-6 on an empty tummy every other day for about a week or so...Lots of water, Imodium brand name for sure at any sign of the runs. It worked for me, I'm 19 days clean now and feeling great! Give it a try and DON"T GIVE UP! You CAN do this!  we will be praying for you and monitoring you progress. If you need anything come here for all the support. A lot of great people here with a LOT of experience in all phases of dependence, addiction and recovery.
Magick & Power 2u,
Gods light & peace on you always,

Hi Cindi & Francoise! Thanks for getting to G-kar...I read it on the run early and he's been on my mind all day...couldn't post back till now!
Love to you ALL!
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Your perdicament is near and dear to my heart!  Honestly, the feeling never quite goes away once addiction has started.  I have tried Tyrosine and B6 and find that it does help with motivation and energy.  You will invariably get through all the physical sides of codiene but possibly never be able to conquer the mental part.  It's sad, I know...but you can do it as have many of us who have preceded you here.  My best advise is the twelve steps of recovery...one at a time and in real time, with a sponsor.  Please check it out!  We could go on and on about our histories here but remember that all the stories end the same way.  Simply put, this is a life and death matter and there's no time like the present to get started on the road to recovery.  I wish you nothing but the best, my friend ,and will always try to help you when you are hurting and need a shoulder to lean on.  J.B.
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Hi Again,   I am soooo sorry i was not able to respond to you earlier  i was on my way out of the door,,,,Please,, hang in there...The people on this forum including myself have been there, it can be done perserverance, determination and most of all willingness which is the key word which it sounds to me like you have a ton of willingness...more that i ever had when I got clean..64 hours is great,,,It should all be calming down soon and then the work begins     believe it or not getting clean is the easy part,  staying clean is what is the more difficult part....if you give us a chance here we can hlep you, guide you and offer advice and suggestions based on our experience, hope and strength...what you do with the advice is your call but who to better help you than other people who have been there and done that....my prayers  actually my friends here on the forum won't mind me speaking for them   OUR prayers are with you   keep us posted and good luck my friend   and welcome to the forum    This here is my little piece of Heaven...I have been to different forums and the people here...are wonderful    ok   here it comes,,,,the tears...when I think of the people here it actually brings tears to my eyes because even though I have no faces to go with the names  they are the most compassionate, kind and caring people I have ever met...per se..the weird thing is alot of them know what I am going to say (type) before I even do it....come here, seek their advice, they will not steer you wrong,  JB, Tom, Brighty, Angelica, Diane, they helped me through the most horrific time of my life and they along with my new friends Wiz, Kerrie, Pelle...as well as the others,  I could not ask for better peeple and you won't be sorry either...This, I promise you.....good luck and God bless   Love to all    cin
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JB, my friend, I wanted to tell you that your reply to G,Kar was eloquent, really quite beautiful. You bring a unique quality to this forum. My best to Marty.

All the best

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just wanted to say that it's good to read your words ... don't go anyaway anytime soon.
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You're almost there, but it's L-Tyrosine, not L-Lysine. Otherwise, that's the regime. I'm frankly amazed at how you use the dope, though. You go all day, and then swallow 14 codeine#3 at once! It must feel great when that kicks in! I've always used basically around the clock. If I've got some, why not stay in the space as long as possible?

It will take your brain time to start making its own endorphins. I can only suggest daily aerobic exercise, Valium (the best of the benzos for treating narcotic withdrawal, in my vast experience (unfortunately, no joke intended), hot baths or hopefully hot Jacuzzis as often as you can, and some kind of support group. I go to AA. There is also NA. Most alcoholics are pill junkies, too, so you will get help from either avenue.

Just know that you're a normal, decent human being with the same problem as millions and millions - and millions to come. Don't be ashamed. But take action. Seek out one of these groups. They help more than you can know, even when you're like me -- I love opiates. Not really like them. I LOVE rx narcotics. I have to deal with that daily. Having A.A. has given me strength I didn't have before. I'm still trying to get of Zanax without having a seizure (I've had 3 now), so I'm no AA poster boy. Good luck to you both. Fran
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I am relatively new to this forum also.  So far, i have been amazed at all the knowledge and support i have found here.
Stay with us, and i think you stand a great chance of success.
I will be joining you soon in trying to win this battle of addiction.
Your words are so familiar to me, hang in there, you can beat this!!!!
You have taken a major step towards beating your addiction, you hate what the pills are doing to you.  Keep hating them, hate them with everything that you've got!
Cling on to everything that brings you happiness in your life (not the pills of course), and focus on all that you have to fight for!!!!!!!  Yourself being the main thing, but think about how your children need a father who is there for them, fully!
You sound like a wonderful person, you are worth the fight!!!!!
Prayers for you!
Lv Jenny
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One more thing I wanted to add- I don't, nor have I ever gotten a "high" from my medicine. I think I am just resistant to stuff like that -a good thing- so there is no "feeling" to miss except for pain relief, when and if I do quit.

Is there a medicine that's *NOT* an NSAID that *DOES* work for pain? (That isn't narcotic, I mean)
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Hello People, I haven't posted for a while because I've had some dificulties with relapse! I went five full weeks (Talked to you Wiz) and then talked my doc into a refill of Norco 10/325. I tried to limit my intake from 2 to 4 pills aday. In 6 days i'm at three a day and running out. Tom J.B., Will I have to go through the same intense detox as before when I came of of 8 to 10 a day. should I stop right now and will I have lesser symptoms. I am feeling real bad about relapeing for such a short time and not even a high to go with it! anyone tempted by picking up Please head. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! FIGHT TO STAY FREE!  Thanks to all of you for any help! Love and god bless you all. Shane
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As always, it's good hearing from you, my friend!  There's been a certain amount of "character building" quality in your posts of late. I imagine it is due to working a good program. If you can stay focused along this line, your true dignity, power and brilliance will only continue to grow in strength. Sobriety like addiction is a progressive thing.  Thank God you have chosen the right side to stay on!  J.B.

P.S.  Marty has been told that there is no more point in treating her cancer....just live in peace!  Each day is a blessing for some of us.  Others act like there's "no tomorrow".
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