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Is this where I let the community know how I'm doing

I''m tapering off Tramadol today!  Scared!   Well it's been 5 hours and I feel HORRIBLE!    If I took 3 this morning how many do I take now???????  This anxiety is killing me.  Should I take one of my Xanax?  Why would the doctor have me only take 3 first when I was taking 5 at a time?  What do people on here do with Tramadol?
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Hi Amber..There are alot of Trams people on here just keep checking your post. I know we also have a Trams Post called Emilys Post..Maybe someone can tell you how to get there..Just hang tight..OK
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You are in the right place.  I know some members who have successfully come off trams.  I will send them a message.
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First off...don't panic. I've come off of trams several times and you will get through this. I dropped 1 pill per dose every week. I went from 5 3x a day to 4 and every week dropped 1. I began taking celexa to replace the serotonin 3 days in. I also take trazodone for sleep. When I got down to 8 a day I went on suboxone 16.4mg and that's where I'm at right now. The sub is great. I've also come off of it before and don't really think about getting off right now because I am  comfortable and happy. Taking the xanax will help with the anxiety but it won't do much for for the opiate part. I've been struggling  with addiction for over 30 years with some significant clean time throughout but I manage as best as I can and I feel great. Everyone responds differently to detox so trial and error may be the best thing you can do.
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Hi and welcome! Don't be scared. Today is a big day since you're taking back your life. Read the posts on here about trams and remember to be patient and to stay hydrated while you w/d. Good luck, we're cheering for you! Keep us posted!
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Hey!  I'm here!!  Ok, so you're doing a doctor-supervised taper?  That's great. Very smart. Probably the reason for having you take 3 is because medically, he can't really advise you to take that many more and not kinda be looked at by the medical board as doing something unsafe. Ya know?  It's a "CYA" thing, I'm guessing. Three should still be enough to keep you from wanting to climb the walls. The Xanax I would stay away from. It's highly, highly addictive and from what I've heard, it doesn't help much. Read the Thomas recipe and get the things from it and take them religiously. Also stay hydrated with something like Gatorade. I had to use hylands leg cramps because mine hurt SO badly. I wanted to chop my legs off from the knees down. Omg they cramped so bad. Yours may not though. I didn't taper. I went from 15 a day to zero. I don't necessarily advise that!  I was so very sick. Just try to remember that this will take some time. Especially with tapering. I got thru it and you will too!  Energy and sleep were last to return but you WILL get thru this!  Sorry for any typos. Sarah found me and asked me to help ya and I'm in the pool on my cell with bright sun glaring on my screen and my 5 year old is all over me!!!  I'll check back on you when I get inside! .
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What is suboxine and how do I get me some?  Well since I have a ton of Ultram that's how I am going to do it.  So tomorrow I take 4 4x a day.  And next week three.  But when I get down to 1 4x a day for a week what after that?  i guess you will tell me then.  Thank you for being here for me.  How come no one uses their real first names on here?
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thank you
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Thank you and I will
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Thank you LeeAnnd
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Hi amber - just checking in to see how you're doing?

I'm with leann.  I'd stay away from the Xanax, and please, PLEASE, don't go the subs route.  It's just not worth it.  You will still have to detox off yet another drug.  I quit trams over three years ago and it was the best decision of my life.

You can do this, so tell us what your current plan is and we can offer advice.  Welcome to the forum!
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