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Norco Withdrawal PLEASE HELP

Hi, I posted a while back rgardin gmy Hydrocodone addiction. Well since, I have relapsed. I am currently taking 8 10/325 per day.....I have been through the withdrawals before and know most, if not all...but please someone tell me the easy route to go....Would tapering be better or cold turkey? I quit last time cold turkey, but it didn't last long. This is something I really want to succeed in, but I can't seem to stop....please let me know what you guys think and what other medicines will help the withdrawal....
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ativan and a clonodine patch works wonders.
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If you can taper, do that. I could never taper so CT was my only choice. Do a search for the Thomas Recipe. He gives some helpful suggestions. One caveat is benzos are part of the recipe, and not something you want to get into the habit of taking too long...

The Clonodine is also a good suggestion (tablets or patch).

Other things to look into are Trazodone, Valerian Root, Fish Oil capsules.

Keep hydrated, take lots of hot baths, exercise when you feel up to it. Just a short walk will help. Munch on some dry Cheerios to help settle your stomach.

And plenty of Immodium for the runs. Immodium also contains opiates so it is a slight help in that respect as well.
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I have only taken 2 today, so far....normally I would of taken at least 4 already, I purposely left them at home, so that I could not take any more than 2.......Hopefully, I can go from 8 a day and begin 4 a day today and for the next 2 days, and then 3....hopefully (fingers crossed) that will work...I am SO READY to kick this habit....
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I'm a professional relapser, but clean 14 days for the 1st time ever that long, in 6 years.  Longest lasted only 1 week, if that long.

What worked this time for me is Thomas, a small script of xan's & this forum.

If you stay here with us, you'll meet people in your same situation, some slightly ahead of you & others patting themselves on the back for going so long.

Then of course, relapsers who still keep their heads up high w/no shame b/c they realize they're human.

People here are amazing.  Just ask, and you'll receive.
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