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Smoking pot

I have been smoking for years and not sure if I am able to stop now.  It started with partying one night but now it's more as it is who I am.  I have been smoking pretty much every day for over 7 years now and I dont know how to stop. When I feel I want to stop then somethig happens in my life that i feel the weed will help me deal with it.  I am a single mother of 2 daughters so I cant go to rehab or let it out of the bag to too many people as I am also a student tryen to get me master in social work....I know., I know but it's to the point if I try to quit then something either happens or I feel like I am going to hurt someone as some people aggrivate me to death.
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Have you ever thought about attending N/A?
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Some people consider weed as their anti-depressant.  I know my best friend must have it every night, but, her life is in control, she has her M.S. and works everyday making a 3-figure salary.  Is your life out of control?
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I smoked Marijuana for 23 years every single day. I started in 1979 when I was in High School and Just quit for good in 2003. I loved it. It was the way I lived. One of the things that sucked about it as I got older was that it stayed in my system so long andf I was failing drug tests to get good jobs. Thats the only real reason I quit doing it. I never had withdrawls when I quit well I did have I quess you would call it Psyc withdrawls not really physical. Maybe tiredness. The way I finally had to stop was getting away from everyone I knew who does it and believe me it was not easy. I never miss it now.
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and it really doesnt sound like could care less either........
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I smoked the s**t almost everyday from age 18 to 31 and LOVED it too, but got tired  being a slave to it and buying the c**p.  Never had withdrawals and sometimes miss it actually.  I smoked it after work and/or school, but they didn't have as many drug tests back then.  Actually I got tired sneaking around too.  Towards the end I only smoked powerful stuff from pipes.

CT wasn't that hard, but a little scary at first; and to me beer and marijuana was the best high, there was no need for harder drugs, although tried a few things.  I kept coming back to weed and beer which I'm trying to quite now.

Good luck guys!
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It's funny. A recent Swiss study just lauded the beneficial effects of occassional marijuana use in college age students, showing that they have better coping skills, richer social lives, and higher grade point averages.

That said, daily use will cause changes to your brain chemistry that will fuddle your thinking and make it difficult to reach your full potential. As a student, that's something you should be concerned about.

I'd suggest starting by picking 1-2 days a week where you DON'T smoke anything. If you can achieve that much control, you can start learning to cope without it. From there, you can extend those 1-2 days into 3-4...and more...until you've stopped.
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