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Hey, how are you feeling?  How is your headache?  I get the tension headaches, never really migraines.  My hubby had migraines though and the Imitrex injections worked for him like a miracle drug.  Sounds like something you need, maybe call your client back and ask him if he called it in, if you are still sick?  So sorry you are not feeling well.  You are such a special lady - you should not have to deal with such!  Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Love, Cindy
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I am feeling better now... It was a struggle this week though.. i couldn't work, drive, or anything.. And the one I got on Wednesday made me violently ill and I spent a good time throwing up a huge Starbucks white choc mocha i had drank about 5 hours prior... that was fun..LOL.. I have a appt with a neurologist on Monday... my rheum doc that treats me for the Fibromyalgia suggested I get a headache evaluation... which is funny cause he suggested it prior to the migraine episode this week.. I usually get tension type headaches.with my fibro... this was totally different.. i thought i was gonna die on wed.. I was so scared. So hopefully the neuro can help me figure this out..
Thanks for thinking of me.. i have missed seeing you around here..

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sorry you were not able to get into that rehab... that sucks.. did you talk to his aunt anymore about it.. did she offer any suggestions?? there has to be something.. did your insurance say what they would pay for??

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