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Where in the world is Buprenorphine?

I need to find a clinic / doctor in Washington, DC that prescribes Buprenorphine.

Any ideas of where to look?

My recovering heroin addict / methadone "clinically annoyed" boyfriend wants to get regulated on it.  I've looked up a bunch of info and most of what I hear is positive.

Any comments are appreciated.   THANKS!   cat
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Our friend, "Patrick for Tom", who is a regular here on this board has had a similar problem readily finding a facility in California that uses buprenorphine for detox. I searched the net for him and found lists of facilities both private and publicly funded that offered detox but you have to call them and ask specifically if they use buprenorphine. So it's not an easy search.

Another suggestion is to find an addiction specialist and call and ask if he/she use the buprenorphine.

So far after all my searching it seems that the most well known addiction doctor in your radius is the one in Merchantville, NJ who advertises from billboards, comes up readily on net searches, and just bought a one page ad in a local high school playbill advertising 'heroin detox'... yes, believe it !!! If you are in DC it's a 3 hour drive almost to the minute.

My information is that he charges $250 for 3 take home injections, instructions for use and scripts for clonidine, muscle relaxer and naltrexone tablets which are your own expense... this covers about a week of detox and then the after care meds I listed.

As far as I know, the buprenorphine is not available for any extended type of maintenance, mainly because it's only in injectible form so far... in other countries it's in pill form and liquid drops used under the tongue.... family doctors there can humanely help people detox and simply write refills in tapering doses. So far, the latest news here seems to be that family doctors are presently being trained to dispense the 3 injections and that should come later this year. I think so far only addiction doctors and detox or hospitals can use it. Weird huh ?? Seems that buprenorphine is not too hard to be weaned off unlike methadone or heroin and does not make people high very easily so it is safer to send home with a person.

I hope others who have better or more up to date information will reply to your question. Love, Brighty

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re: bruprenorphine, here's the last response I got from CSAM, California Society of Addiction Medicine: but first, take a look at their web site. They're promoting the hell out of bup seminars for physicians, so they must know something the rest of us aren't in on.


Message text written by Tom Casey
Does all the hoopla on your opening page about the bup
seminar expansion
by popular demand mean that the stuff has been legalized
office-based opioid dependence treatment in California yet?
Is it
official? Can I ask my doctor about it yet? Thanks in


Tom Casey

"Dear Tom:

It has not yet been approved by the FDA.  Approval is
expected in the 3rd
quarter of 2001 but things don't always go according to plan
with the
federal government.  Take care.

Michael Barack  

I hope everyone that needs it can get it soon without having to hold up a pharmacy. In my own case, if things go well in AA/NA, I probably won't need it. At least, that's the plan.

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by the way, I don't know if it will help your boyfriend, but you can get buprenorphine anywhere as long as it is officially prescribed for pain relief. It's the drug treatment aspect that is waiting on the legislature. The California chapter of Society of Addiction Medicine said third quarter of this year. However, other states will no doubt get the job done faster. I may not be going that route afterall (thank god if it be so), but I will keep an eye on the situation and post any news I find for those really depending on it.
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In case anyone is interested...There is a great cover story on Oxycontin and other painkillers in the April 9th issue of Newsweek...Chad
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I read that. They said the DEA is willing to be satisfied with just banning CHAD from using oxycontin. Since this will dramatically increase the available inventory of oxycontin, the price is expected to fall. So it's good news all around!
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Well, I'll be dipped in liquid ****!!!

I didn't believe it when you guys said that posts refering to ibogaine were deleted from this site.




This is reprehensible.

This is objectionable to me both as a journalist, and as a former scientist (organic chemist).

I want to know why?

Come on Dr. Steve: Say it ain't so!

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I guess Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates must be heavily invested in methadone programs, huh?
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Ultram posts in the negative dissapear rapidly also,in this case the company manufacturing it had something to do with it.Nobody wants bad press and a few dollars here and there and you can do anything,Actually I was thinking Of mailing Ibogaine to people,seems it is legal in australia,just send a money order to .......... and check your letterbox.I heard someone was charging $12000 a dose?how about $25-(US) for 300mg.
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it does seem rather sinister, doesn't it? Especially if what they say about Ibogaine being a one-shot cure for addiction is true. Anyone see the movie Traffic -- a brilliant depiction of the farce known as the war on drugs, the hypocrisy and greed that keeps a major paying portion of the population hopelessly addicted to drugs?

If we accept the idea that the drug business is tacitly approved of, supported by, and profited from, our very own government, why does the government feel the need to punish its very customers by throwing them in jail?

The hypocrisy of this whole situation is disillusioning to put it mildly.

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Sydney Australia is just about to open its first safe injecting house,they expect to get around 100-200 heroin addicts in per day,nurses will supervise injection and Narcan will be on hand for overdoses,we expect to save around at least one life per week.Businesses in the area say it will become a haven for drug dealers and took the matter to court,the judge ruled that it was morally acceptable and the Catholic church is financially backing it.
Buprenorphine(sublingual tablets) have just been added to the NHS list and unemployed can get 20 tablets for about $2-(us)more for employed,but prob less than $7-(US)
Medical Professor scorns the governments latest anti illicit drug problem? tactic(educating parents to talk to teenagers)because it does not mention Alcohol and Tobacco,the 2 most dangerous and addictive drugs.
Naltrexone programs are up and running everywhere.
Methadone is now dipensed from local Pharmacies,so nobody has to line up at some sterile clinic.
Australia does not use Hydrocodone as a painkiller.
Ms-Contin is the usual drug prescibed.
No oxycodone problem here,rarely used.
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By Daniel Pinchbeck

Nov. 3, 1999 | Tabernanthe iboga is an ordinary-looking shrub found in a small area of West Africa. The bush produces simple yellow blossoms and edible orange-colored citrus fruit that is tasteless and oddly sticky. Under optimum conditions, iboga can grow into a tree rising as high as 35 feet.

Despite iboga's common appearance, in those few nations that know of it, the plant is worshipped as the source of spiritual knowledge and as a tool for accessing the wisdom of the ancestors. The root bark -- scraped off, ground into powder and eaten -- contains one of the world's most powerful, long-lasting and mysterious psychedelic agents. The tribal religion associated with iboga is called Bwiti and exists in only two equatorial countries, Gabon and Cameroon. When Bwiti shamans eat iboga, they believe they are granted the power to see the future, to heal the sick and to speak with the dead.

"The Bwiti believe that before the initiation, the neophyte is nothing," my guide, Daniel Lieberman, told me on my first morning in Gabon, as we took a cab through Libreville, the nation's capital. "Through the ceremony, you become something."

"What do you become?" I asked.

"You become a baanzi, one who knows the other world, because you have seen it with your own eyes."

"How do the Bwiti think of iboga?" I asked

"The Bwiti believe that iboga is a superconscious spiritual entity that guides mankind," he said.

I had found Lieberman, a botanist from South Africa, on the Internet, where he offered to bring Westerners to a shaman's tribal village, for a fee. "I have spent time in the rain forests of Africa east and west, Madagascar and the Amazon working with shamans, brujos, witch doctors, healers," Lieberman e-mailed me beforehand. "Iboga I feel to be the one plant that needs to be introduced to the world, and urgently."

In person, the botanist was thin and pallid, in Teva sandals and safari clothes, and quite a bit younger then I expected. He said that his ghost-white complexion was due to a nearly fatal bout of cerebral malaria. "I caught it during a Bwiti ceremony a year ago," he told me. "It took me months to recover."

This was worrisome. I had expected my guide to be robust and adventurous. Instead, he turned out to be younger then me, and shakier.

Libreville was a hot and stagnant city. Sunlight reflected off gleaming glass corporate towers, the headquarters of oil companies. Because of its oil deposits, Gabon is richer and more secure than other countries in the region. Iboga is another natural resource, but one that has yet to be exploited by the Gabonese.

"Why would the Bwiti allow me to join their sect?" I asked my guide.

"Bwiti is like Buddhism," he replied. "Anyone can join. The word 'Bwiti' simply means the experience of iboga, which is the essence of love."

Over the last decades, iboga has developed a cult following in the United States and in Europe, where it is known as ibogaine. In the West, the psychedelic is being promoted as a potential one-shot cure for treating addiction to heroin and other drugs. Some researchers believe that ibogaine has the ability to "reset the switches" of addiction, freeing addicts from withdrawal symptoms and all drug cravings for up to six months. Animal tests seem to have reinforced these claims.

In America, scientists at Harvard, New York University and elsewhere are studying the ibogaine molecule, seeking to unlock its mechanism. Later this week, on Nov. 5 and 6, the NYU School of Medicine is hosting a conference on ibogaine's potential as a treatment for drug addiction. Papers will be presented by various scientists, including Kenneth Alper, the conference director and a professor of psychiatry and neurology at NYU; Stanley Glick, chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience at Albany Medical College; and Zbigniew Binienda, a senior research scientist in the Department of Neurotoxicology at the FDA. James Fernandez, professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago, will talk on the Bwiti's ritual use of ibogaine. The NYU conference symbolizes the growing worldwide interest in the healing powers of the sacred plant.

Because of this growing interest, a music magazine had agreed to pay my expenses to Africa. The trip was not without its dangers -- malaria being one of them, the intense tropical heat throughout most of the year another. It was in the jungles of Gabon that the deadly ebola virus first appeared. Then there were the hazards of trying a little-known, long-acting hallucinogen far from the nearest hospital. After iboga is in your system for a while, it must be vomited out -- producing what one study euphemistically described as "tremendous cleansings." In rare cases, Bwiti initiates have overdosed and died during the initiation.

But none of this mattered to me. I was eager to try iboga for myself. I had reached a point in my New York life where I felt spiritually stunted, morally anesthetized, psychically detached. I was losing interest -- not in anything in particular, but in everything. I sometimes felt like I could float off the surface of the planet. Sick of my own culture, my own self, I yearned for access to a different dimension. But could I be guided into the African spirit world?

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What Was the Meaning of My Ibogaine Vision?

This is my personal interpretation of the key points of my vision.

My overall reaction. I felt that I had personally bombed out of my own life and that the Earth too was on a downward slope. The combined impact of my vision
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Two hours into the experience I knew there was nothing harmful for my body in any way. In fact a powerful cleansing was taking place throughout my whole system. Any memories of experience stored in my brain that were incomplete or stuck in some way were being systematically cleared out. It seemed to me that if a life experience is not allowed to complete itself in some way then there is some belief constructed, and emotonal energy tied with the memory of that event hangs around. The event-construct is kind of stuck in the brain tying up vital life energy from that point on. As the ibogaine enters the brain, it makes contact with this stuck stuff and fires off the neurons producing a picture and clearing all the stuck fragments in a similar way that a computer clears up file framgnets stored on a hard disk. I could see why ibogaine is non-addictive. It's no fun, and it's not an escape. What I did get from it though, was the sense that something deep down within me was satisfied. I seem to have a whole lot more life energy available for myself. I am grateful for the experience."

"What it does is ... your memory is like a movie. And it shows you where you've gone wrong in life, and it shows you what you've got to do to correct it. It literally does that. I mean, you see everything."

"All of a sudden you look up and a movie screen appears ... you begin to view a film of your subconscious and all of your repressed memories
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The Earth Is Dying

At some point I saw the planet Earth, suspended in space. It was small and it was choked with concrete expressways, buildings and traffic. An inscription displayed: "The Earth Is Dying!"(10) On the left and right-hand side of the screen were representations of two theoretical planets, perhaps our immediate neighbors Mars and Venus. Subtle dotted lines stretched from the Earth to each of these theoretical planets, and the implication was that although they were in our neighborhood they were not realistically available as places we could move to. No, the overall certainty was that the Earth is the local oasis of life
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Patrick for Tom: Of course it's all big business... including jails... and that's why it's all slavery and so immoral... I am so glad that you are finding the courage and grace from God to free youself.

Francoise... my yahoo is so slow today that the send function pooped out... but I will reply tomorrow... you can join the list I told you about and nothing gets deleted... YOU delete what you don't want to save.. that's it.

Spook... I do not post on the list for a long time as I was only looking for information.. but I read it about once a week.. you would be a wonderful addition since it's sometimes stagnant and you have soooooooo much to offer regarding information, controversy and wonderfully provocative postings !!! Go to www.ibogaine.org and find the link to the subscriber list which is run by a group called calyx. I think they are in the Netherlands. You have provided the best information I have seen here to date on this topic.

Everyone... do not get Ibogaine via the us postal service.. not a good idea.... :-)) and discuss via phone and e-mail in very general terms... in fact although you can probably do it in your home or a hotel room it may be best to never verify where you are going or what you are doing. Most people leave the country and do it in the islands...or on a boat in international waters. For all we know this board is being tracked. I am not paranoid, just realistic. How long will this post last, Francoise ????????

Love, Brighty
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Spook even thought I have been talking (kind of talking) to via e-mail, I just have to say it is so nice to see you posting,  I got so used to seeing SPOOK on the forum that I just assumed you would always be around....I was reading Brighty's post about Ibogaine and the possibility of this forum being tracked...I don't know if I have ever asked this question before but I have heard the DEA does in fact monitor this site and if they really had to they could subpeona the mediators to gain access to our e-mail address and our location..I don't know how true this is but I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has heard this,,,,,If I have asked thus question before  then  Oops  I,m sorry....thanks guys   love to all cin
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They can only monitor it by visually examining it,If however they had a court order to monitor a USER of the site,they have software that can intercept all information from that persons PC to their ISP.it is called "Carnivore".
How do they know I am not monitoring them?who is watching who?
Besides these are only words not actions.
I could say something like anybody who wants to buy any drug you want get in touch(256bit encryption) and I will sort you out.
Now I monitor their activity to see how gullible they are.
What are they going to do extradite me to America.
Besides I like having ALL the various security agencies watching my every move because it keeps the more ORGANISED criminals away from me,I feel secure.
This is not a confession of guilt board,just make up some garbage from time to time to throw them of the lead(leash).
I already recieved an email today by somebody who wants me to make XTC(MDMA) for them,why would I do that,for money?(besides it is Neurotoxic).
Money does not make me tick,and that is something that will really confuse some people,because they know everybody loves it.So what is my problem,first they will think I have been doing something illegal and got heaps of money stashed,you know like several hundred million dollars,but/from over the years `they cannot work out why I live like a begger.
I am the real m`coy I like to make the world a better place.
No driving around in a Rolls I use a bike and trains,cook all own meals,dress in rags.Basically just pretend you are a total lunatic and they will probably believe you.
Anyway they will never make me talk,you know I have the right to remain silent,everything I say can and will be used....etc
Anyway Cindy what are you worried about you have done nothing wrong?or have you?.
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LOL  no haven't done anything wrong lately just wondering,  actually jut wondering how much power they actually do have....love cindi
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wow, the comments regarding Ibogaine are incredibly intense, and even frightening. I however can't help but be intrigued. When I was in my late teens I experimented with acid a couple of times, and found it to be a life-altering experience. IO felt that I was seeing things "the way they really were". I saw the earth as being sick and injured too-too the extent that it seemed as if the street signs poking out of the ground were causing the Earth actual pain, like it was being stabbed. There was more, but I don't need to get into great detail. I only did it a few times, but it brought on a spiritual rennaissance of sorts for me. I began seeking in earnest a route for spirituality. I began searching for equilibrium within myself. It was profound, and yet I do not have any pretenses that the drug was a spiritual or divine material. It is a chemical that cause chemiocal reactions in the brain. What I did acertain though is that by viewing life momentarily with an altered state of consciousness, people can have personal revelations that may have a lasting positive effect on the world. I do also believe that if overused, it can draw you down too far within yourself, and any positive effects are really lost. In other words, if you end up behaving like you're tripping all of the time, no one will really listen to what you have to say except other trippy people. You just seem to damn insane.
Shoot-I rambled. This topic fascinates me.
On a side note, my doctor yesterday informed me that 4 Vicoprofen a day is acceptable seeing that I do need to live my life. He prescribed 100 for me. The Fibromyalgia knots in my back get so big now you can actually see them. My husband was horrified (upon seeing the lumps in my back), and I was relieved when they became visually apparent. They can no longer be disputed as being made up. I don't know how to feel about the Vicoprofen-I am relieved and frightened all at once. Be careful what you wish for!!!

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yours is a mind that can be tuned to truth,no need to drop out,what an inspiration,what truth what subjective reality,the reason why LSD dropped from favour is because it acts to quickly and retrieves thing people are not yet ready to deal with,this can sause insanity,but in some with proper doses prepreparation and guidance it makes ibogaine look like a lucid dream, a very special person like you the last leaf that drops in autumn.
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More power than you can trust them with!!!!!!!!,for example ."I'?. have an IQ around 195 and am considered a Genious,I believe in all my heart and soul the the DEA are brain washed zombies.Machines could and do perform their Tasks as they require no intelligence.Only INFORMATION.
"Controlled Substances Act"
The Controlled Substances Act (CSA), Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, is the legal foundation of the government's fight?(what sought of emotive **** term is "FIGHT",primary school level really,english 101)  against the abuse(abuse?,ABUSE!,what the **** would you people know about abuse all you do is dish it out) of drugs and other substances. This law is a consolidation of numerous laws regulating the manufacture and distribution of narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, and chemicals used in the illicit production of controlled substances.The CSA places all substances that are regulated under existing federal law into one of five schedules. This placement is based upon the substance's medicinal value, harmfulness, and potential for abuse or addiction. Schedule I is reserved for the most dangerous drugs that have no recognized medical use(oh really? when then you look me in the eye you nameless prickless impotent war mongering facist PIG and tell me why tobacco is not included),while ScheduleV is the classification used for the least dangerous drugs. The act also provides a mechanism for substances to be controlled, added to a schedule, decontrolled, removed from control, rescheduled, or transferred from one schedule to another.Proceedings to add, delete, or change the schedule of a drug or other substance may be initiated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), (DEA),(DEA),(DEA), ),(DEA),(DEA),DEA),(DEA), ),(DEA),(DEA),          the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), or by petition from any interested party, including the manufacturer of a drug, a medical society or association, a pharmacy association, a public interest group concerned with drug abuse, a state or local government agency, or an individual citizen. When a "petition" is received by the "DEA", the agency begins its "OWN" I repeat "OWN",and AGAIN "OWN"investigation of the drug.(remember they have IQ`s lower than 140)and are brain washed?,Wiped?!
The DEA also may begin an investigation of a drug at any time based upon information received from law enforcement laboratories, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies, or other sources of information.
Once the DEA has collected the necessary data, the DEA (**** him or her) Administrator?, by authority of the Attorney General(general is this a war?)if so remember this if everthing you have ever read on my posts here,it is your 19year old son who will die not the GENERAL (**** him/her_ requests from the HHS a scientific and medical evaluation and recommendation as to whether the drug or other substance should be controlled or removed from control. This request is sent to the Assistant Secretary of Health of the HHS. Then, the HHS solicits information from the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and evaluations and recommendations from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and on "occasion"-ie seldom if ever, from the scientific and medical community at large. The Assistant Secretary, by authority of the Secretary, compiles the information and transmits back to the DEA a medical and scientific evaluation regarding the drug or other substance, a recommendation as to whether the drug should be controlled, and in what schedule it should be placed.
The medical and scientific evaluations are binding to the DEA with respect to scientific and medical matters. The recommendation on scheduling is binding only to the extent that if HHS recommends that the substance not be controlled, the DEA may not control the substance(good news at last).
Once the DEA has received the scientific and medical evaluation from HHS, the Administrator will evaluate all available data and make a final decision whether to propose that a drug or other substance be controlled and into which schedule it should be placed.
The CSA also creates a closed system of distribution for those authorized to handle controlled substances. The cornerstone of this system is the registration of all those authorized by the DEA to handle controlled substances. All individuals and firms that are registered are required to maintain complete and accurate inventories and records of all transactions involving controlled substances, as well as security for the storage of controlled substances.

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Like art, I can appreciate genius when I see it.  My IQ is a modest 149 but I'm considered an underachiever.  I do know what I am capable of however and that's what kills me!  I've always been on a different plane of existance than the rest.  I've always said, "screw all of you, I'll do as I please".  I never could fit into all this BS world because I found it so illogical.
Emotionally, I'm a child. Is there hope for me?  J.B.
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Why would you need to ask Spook or anyone for that matter if there is hope for you... hope for what ??? to achieve by standards set by a sick, frenetic world that decides those with the most toys or best toys win... ??? or was there something you wanted to do that you didn't do ?? now to me that's another story.. I have always wanted a little herb garden and to grow roses... I have lots of landscaping stuff that I prune and water..lots of flowers that I bought as plantlings and just stuck in pots... but not started and nurtured by my own hands and filled with the satisfaction of learning all about something... you know a creative endeavor. I have no clue what my IQ is, never have nor do I care.... it will not make me a better person... and it will not guarantee me satisfaction. ... that comes from doing what you love and being who you are. I think you have a quiet wisdom and inner knowing that keeps me in check here.... thats' the trugh. Sometimes I post something and my thoughts are... hmmmm... will JB think I'm into my ego... or will JB approve... well there... I got really honest.. weird huh ??? Well, we all have a standard by which we judge ourselves.. hope.. there is always hope... what is it you want to achieve?? If it's ridiculous like to bungee jump off the word trade center... well run it by someone like Marty... and she will bring you back to sanity... but there are still so many things left to do... find the ones that are possible and start today... maybe I'm just writing this for myself... nobody has given me a pep talk in a long time... so it's a subconscious need... so sorry if I offended you... I think I need a break from the forum... I feel strange here lately !!

Love and prayers, Brighty
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Thanks for again setting me straight.  I've been pretty screwed up lately and I think that the stess is getting to me again. I can see that my own posts have been getting pretty sloppy and weird.  I did run some things by Marty this morning and she has noticed a big change in me as well.  She thought it was stress related.  Anyway, I'm going to go away for a while and try to get some help.  Thanks for the pep talk, Brighty!  Oh, a high IQ is nothing to brag about.  I've had problems all my life that started when I was skipped from second to fourth grade and graduated from highschool at sixteen. I've always regretted that.  J.B.
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