thanks for the response...i also was on about 15 a day ,,,then steph put me on a taper, first i dropped to fast then she told me what to do.
but i went c/t on what you on right now..i would love to email you and talk about this..Being a mom and all that..
thanks again..
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you are welcome to email me!     It is very, very hard being a mom and addict.  The guilt is overwhelming!

I am                     a n g e l 4 7 6 3 0 @ i n s i g h t b b. c o m

I had to put spaces in it to post it!

Please, feel free...................

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It occurs to me that you might not want to post publically some of your abuse issues that you mentioned in the other thread,  If you like, I will use this email above to email you, then you can reply back to me, put me in your address book so we can chat from time to time about it.....You see I feel that if I progress through this abuse ****, much of my escapist behavior will simply disappear............
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If I owe you an apology for posting anything that upset you, please know I did not mean to and I am sorry.

I don't know how to set up a profile to pm people.   You are welcome to email at anytime...........

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why should she not post what she feels comfortable posting???  
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