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My daughter has been without lortab for 2 plus weeks, the problem now is the depression/anxiety that wont seem to go away. She now has asked to go to a doctor but she wants me to call ahead and talk to the nurse about her symptoms. Her fear is that he will some serious questions that will make her cry and turn into mush...She does not want to tell him about her lortab problem she is a nurse. My fear is that since I do not come with a medical background, I dont know if  the lortab is a significant piece of the puzzle or if the doc can make a sound decision without the info...will it change the meds he gives her? What if he gives her the wrong drugs and it makes her worse...Some of you folks got any ideas....
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Congrats to your daughter..That is a tough call, with her being a nurse...i do know after the physical symstoms go away the depression /anxiety unfortunitly comes next...VERY common..i have been on leapro( SSRI) for amost 3 yrs...i think that is why i didn't get all of that as bad as some..
i would go for an anti- depressent, not a benzo...BENZO'S are very addicting ..
Tell her i said good luck and she is doing great!!
And you are a wonderfull mother to support her like this..
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id stay away from anti depressants, its only been 2 weeks, she will feel a little better every day, it takes time to heal.

dont switch one drug for another, let her be clean from any kind of drug for a year, if things are still bad consider options then.

good food, time and excersise help A LOT.
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In order for the dr. to treat her appropriately, he/she needs all the information.   Many people become dependant on these pills without intending to.  It would be best if the dr.  specialized in addiction medicine, but most internist/family practice drs will know what to do also.   A person can experience what your daughter is experiencing from even taking a small amt of these drugs for a relatively short period of time; it happens to the best of us.  There are privacy acts preventing your dr.  from sharing this information.  
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My wife is a nurse, addicted to oxycontin..she has no problem talking to her doctor about it (their response is another story) and it does not get back to her employer.
Your daughter needs to be completely honest with  her doctor.

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