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anyone consider themselves spiritual?

just asking. i don't like to say i am religious, or christian, just becase people have smeared those terms all to ****. i do believe in God, and love him and believe that he heals. i went to nicaragua last year on a mission like trip and literally saw God healing people. I am not lying or overexaggerating here, I saw people healed. In front of my eyes. A woman, with some sort of stomach tumor hooked up to an IV and all....had a huge rock like lump in her stomach....we all prayed over her for hours....all of a sudden she sat up yelling and crying, telling us to touch her stomach....and I suare to you that lump was gone. period. So when i doubt or think that i am totally screwed, i know it can be healed. just a matter of when. at times when i am eating these pain meds i am asking myself over and over, is this what God wants? should i just quit taking them all together and have faith that he will make it okay and bearable?

i won't go on until i know anyone else may feel the same way :)

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yes i am a christian...i do consider myself religous and i have seen the same things happen you ssaw in nicaragua,  matter of fact i have a friend that is amissionary in nicaragua and has a compound for ppl there to get food and medical treatment.  my dad has been a preacher for 55 years, so i have lots of biblical background. andf i proudly say God has been my source in all this.
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very much so...

and i think the only way you will know how your pain really is is to be off the pills for awhile.  then you will know if your pain is bearable or not.

personally, i think the Universe and God are so big, and so beyond our comprehension, that we won't know in this lifetime "what God wants."  I believe he wants us to be happy, though.  and again - personally - it's only in quiet times - FOR ME - when i listen to my intuition (God) do I truly feel that I know what is best.. you just know.  you feel it in your bones...
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"Churchianity' has scared off so many people. God is alive and real. He moves among his people. He still heals and delivers them from troubles. I too am a christian. Being one, I try to follow Christ's example. I make mistakes. So do others. Hopefully those mistakes don't keep others from finding his love and grace.
God is awesome!
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I am not sure I'd call myself spiritual but I did speak the that greater being upstairs many times over the last few days.  

Deep in my heart I know there is some kind of greater force, I just haven't yet been able to fully comprehend what that means.  But I do believe.
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Im a christian too.  I read the Bible. Usually try to read it each day. I do truely believe thats a hugh part of the way God speaks to His people.  On healing, I think God definately has the power to zap us and heal us on the spot.  I think that He doesnt do it very often cuz its thru these "thorns" and "problems" that we draw close to Him.  Sometimes its a journey to healing, if it were a zap, we'd miss out on all the wisdom we gain buy learning to trust in Him completely.  As we learn to trust in Him completely, we become like Him.  Our character becomes like His, hopefully we become loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, good, kind, gentle, and self controlled along the way.  These are the fruits of His Spirit.  When we surrender to Him, HE grows that fruit in our lives.  We cant grow it cuz we are unable, but in surrender He does it.  Alot of times, we only learn to surrender because we cant handle the sin and **** of our lives.  I know that so many people hurt and so many people have had horrible tragity in their lives and that is heart breaking and it I believe it hurts the heart of God too.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good.  We live in a sinful, hurtful world where death is part of that.  God promises to be with His people thru every and any situation.  He promises His people that He will NEVER leave them or forsake them.  His word even says that even if your father and mother forsake you I will never.  He says He has writen us on the palm of His hand.  He says that He has redeemed our lives from a pit!  He also says that the faithful should not live by sight, but live by faith.  So, in faith, lets get out of the pit and believe God and put one step in front of the other and learn to trust Him as we slowly learn to walk. Have a wonderful, blessed day!!  Kim
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very good post
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I'm not religous. There is a saying though: God helps those who help themselves.
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HI, yes I consider myself to be spiritual as well as a christian. I was delivered in april 2007 from a huge lorcet habit of over 200 mgs/day and I went cold turkey on a thursday, i met with a female pastor that prayed over me on thurs morning and I never had the first wd symptom except insomnia. So it can be done!!! It happened to me and I swear I was in awe. I had tried to quit on my own and the pain and suffering was unbearable. It was truly God 110%.
I will not go on and on about this because a lot of folks here take great offense when religion is brought up. Good luck and know that God can and will deliver you.
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luv it!!!!!  :-)
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Good to see you post my friend.
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thanks :)))
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thanks, it was good to post....
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thanks so much for the feedback. and to those that don't believe in God, or what not, sorry if it offended you at all. that is just a big part of my life, and to really seek help and advice here, it had to be brought up....

i have been off my pain meds for about 2 weeks now. when i had that un bearable pain when i went to urgent care this week, i took 2 muscle relaxers to just go to sleep.

i think i have a bigger question on myself as far as, why am i in so much pain so often, is there somethign else wrong with me i don't know about and is this just a test of my faith in believing God CAN and WILL heal me....

God is amazing, and his love for us is unfathomable. i know that the fathers knows whats best for the child, and even though i cant see what this is happening, i trust that it is the best thing for me right now. that is just sometimes hard to take in and accept. i just feel like i am in a valley, the lost sheep wandering around waiting for the shephard to come back and get me, put me back on track. i also believe God helps who helps themselves too...since i don't really have a 'home' church, i don't feel comfortable just going to a random pastor and talking about this stuff. i tell ppl to pray for my health in general a lot, but i don't know who is really praying. that is the only thing that i know works, prayer. i need someone to lay hands on me i just need to find them! i went to my grandparents church last night, and the pastor was talking about pain, and sickness....and getting off track or just being still and not moving much. i want to be someone that helps drug addicts and homeless people....i just feel like i am focusing on myself too much, and not helping others. it gets frustrating!

thanks again for the good input. and sorry again if no one wants to be reading this....

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I consider myself spiritual, but not religious or even Christian.

I go to church almost every Sunday.  I pray, read the Bible, etc.  I just CAN'T believe.  I want to, but so much of it seems pretentious.

We have no way to know that God is human-like, ie. loving, forgiving.  I do not believe God influences our lives.  If he did, good people wouldn't have bad things happen to them and bad people wouldn't succeed in life.

The Bible was not written by God, it was written by people who said that God spoke to or the Holy Spirit influenced.  Remember, David Koresh also had God speak to him.

I love the outdoors and my fellow people.  The beauty of the Earth and the uncanny mechanics of the Solar System, ie. time, years, days, the moon all of it, proves to me that there is something more to the universe.  To me, however, it is not an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent creator who created people in his own image.

As was said before, I am not trying to cause a stir or take down anyone else's beliefs.  This is only my opinion and with my limited senses and knowledge, I can't be sure of anything in the  metaphysical realm.  I can only go by what I believe, however skewed it may be.
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hey hun, i'm sorry you're in pain... i just thought i'd tell ya quick story .. last week i went to my pain guy who's also an addiction sp.  when i went in, my back hurt.. after we talked about STUFF (he's a councelor) when we were done, my back pain was gone that day.
he believes (and i believe this too) emotional stuff makes pain worse... if you are holding stuff in. i've met a numbers of doc's and councelors who believe that too. i just thought i'd toss this out there.. it was pretty amazing..
feel good, hun...
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thanks for the concern :)

your story actually made me think alot more....about the trials i have been through, some of them still linger inside of me, maybe repressed...but i have always told myself i am strong and i don't need to ponder on it. yesterday i was feeling really sick, went into the bathroom at work to just sit for a minute, and this woman comes in. starts asking me how i was, what was wrong, if i was stressed....and i ended up telling her all about my health, how not understanding my boss was at the base (she had told me she doesn't care what kind of health problem i have, i need to always be at work on time) and that it did stress me out. i just started crying, letting it all out. and let me remind you that i don't even know this woman that well, but i guess something told her that i needed to her the words she had to say. but after she was done, i didn't feel sick anymore. then i came back to my desk and read this post! i am fortunate for how i am, after going through a lot, but i also guess i didn't realize that could still be a big part of pain, or me not feeling well....

as far as the whole believing in God thing; i respect your thoughts and decision on that subject, and won't push anything on anyone. but i do always say, the reason i know there is a God is because of the things i saw when i was in nicaragua. nothing was set up, it wasn't being watched on TV, i was there, and witnessed these things. stuff has happened to me over the years, where when i do start to doubt and wonder on to other things....i am always reminded somehow that there is no reason to doubt.

thanks for the feedback though!
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