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fladdic (rock vs. anxiety) ?

I take valleum,buspar and cymbalta for anxiety. My opiate dose is down by a 2/3s. for 2 weeks now. The last 4 days my anxiety is so bad I don't know what to do?
I know you had said your on anti-anxiety meds. do you mind sharing with me what they are and how well do they help.
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hey... right now I am on Trazodone.. its just ok.. I also take xanax for when i have panic attacks.. I used to be on lexapro which i feel worked alot better.. I am gonna wait til I am off pain meds and see how i feel I may go back to it..
So sorry you anxiety level is high.. I am off to bed talk more tommorrow..
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Sleep well catch you tomorrow!!!
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My doctor prescribed clonazapam for my anxiety.  It really worked.  It kinda shutdown all that part of my brain that ran ALL the time.  Then he gave me a beta blocker toporal to help with the physical symtoms.  This worked as well.  The shakes racing heart sweats inability to breath but it gave me a headache if I took it too often.  I think it was affecting my blood pressure.
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Thanks for the help I didn't get to read this last night. Hope you read this so you get the thank you if not I will thank you again on an other post !!!!

the rock!!!!
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I'm lurking.  I'm creating enough drama on my own.  
This very old eccentric woman in my neighborhood has come by my house everyweek for a couple of months.  Finally, we have agreed on a day for me to start painting her washroom and redoing her living room.  I think the only time I have ever felt more inept is when they put me in a wheelchair and handed me my first kid and let me leave with him.  So i guess here's the cool part.  I'm not anxious (thank you jezus), not scared, not hiding behind my pills and that feels great.  So wtf I say why not.  What's the worst that can happen. She can hate it and I'll stick to my own house from now on.  
She's so sweet she keeps trying to take one of my cats home.  I told her she could have the dog.
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I have severe anxiety......I did not leave my house for 3 months.  I take clonapen lamictal and zoloft.  The clonapen really help me.  When i firststarted it I was unable to drive or really talk, it is very strong.  I hope this helps.  You can take a half of 1 mg i take 2 mg because mine was out of control.  if you smoke pt don't it makes it worse and ck is the absolute worst.  I'm over those addictions and I feel so much better.  Let me know how it goes.  i wish you the best.  have you tried phycotherapy?  that really worked along with learning how to meditate.
Again, best of luck
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You have a problem. you said you were on valium, buspar, and cymbalta. You also said they were opiates. Valium is an anti-anxiety drug, cymbalta is an anti-depressant, sometimes used for anxiety but only extremely mild since it's not meant for the purpose of calming anxiety. You better get to your dr. fast if you think the meds you listed are what you think they are.
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