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going out to feed my addiction-to photography

I have another addiction, to photography. I live in the great north country and after last weeks blizzard with 59 mph sustained winds, there is a lot of winter wonderland that I feel like I should go out and capture. I'll check back later. Be well everyone!
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When you get back, lemmie know if I can be of any nelp.
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Hey, you are an inspiration today.  I have wished for years I knew how to take pictures...the whole photography thing appeals to me so much.  I admire you and I wish I could see the pictures you take.  See the amazing world through the eye of a camera,,,YOU GO!!  ANd what a healthy distraction as well,  YOU ARE DOING, LIVING, TAKING PICTURES....You are being productive.   Me on the other hand,,,I haven't been out of the house in a week basically.  It sucks. I love to hear stories of others MOVING, LIVING, LOVING...Keep it up.  Hope you don't get stuck in any drifts.  They are really something with all the wind we've had.  

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creek, in one of my first postings, you said you lie to your Dr. to get more drugs.  The posting was still there (page 24, but came down today), or I can copy and re-post it for you.  So why don't you get out more?  Why do you want these good people to feel sorry for you?  Why don't you just tell everyone you are an abuser by choice, and tries to justify it by telling other people (me), that they are lying to their Dr.'s also?
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