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hydrocodone addiction

I've got 2 ruptured disk in my lower back. I've been taking these pills now for going on a year. I take a couple pills in the morning and the pain in my back is gone. From that point forward I'm taking pills just because and I can't stop. I want to stop altogether but the withdrawals are killing me. Since I get a prescription the pills are always here. I'm working with my doctor to get my back fixed. And once I do that I've got stop. Any suggestions? I've seen some talk about Suboxone.
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Flip- in my humble opinion, I would Not substitute norcos with subs. I got off of a terrible hydrocodone 85 days ago, cold turkey. I heard that getting clean off of subs is way worse than getting clean from Norco. The subs has a strong half life, they don't let you go that easily...
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Hi Flip - Welcome. You'll get some great advice on this forum so keep checking in.  I don't have experience with suboxone but someone will come along soon to get you more details.  Based on what I've read (like Clean above)sub is no fun to get off of.  
What was your dosage on the hydro?
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Is Suboxone really an okay way to get off of Hydrocodone after being on them for almost 11 yrs????
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I totally relate to you!  Been there.....done that.  Get your back fixed and then you can formulate a plan to get off the opiate pain meds.  Take it from someone who was addicted to hydrocodone and ignorantly went on subs for 28 days......don't use suboxone to get off hydrocodone.  It's MUCH stronger and totally synthetic....and then you'll have to w/draw and get off THAT.  Here's a conversion chart that may help:  (and FYI, bupe is the nickname for the drug in suboxone/subutex)

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I agree with both Thumper & KK.

I have read some very bad things about both Suboxone and Methadone.  I've also read a lot of medical journals that basically state they'll ween you off hydro but there is the possibility of getting addicted to them.  And if you DO....its worse.

Like you i was doing hydro (10/325) for 3 -4 years anywhere from 6-11 pills a day for my back.  Also like you i have a had a few back surgeries so the pain can get intense at times...lying on the floor not moving for 3 hours is still better than being strung out on these pills.

9 days ago i quit CT....trying to do this before i realized CT was the only way i could do it.  I told the doc NO MORE RX's and dumped what was left in the bottle down the toilet.  The physical WD symptoms are pretty much gone for me but the mental aspects are still here...each day i tell myself im better than yesterday.

You will get great support from this site.  If you have only been on a year im guessing your WD's will not be to lengthy....the first few days are not fun...not going to lie.  Check out the Thomas Recipe below & call in sick to work with the flu.  Heck just convince yourself you have the flu...it helped me.

Good Luck and keep checking back.
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I had been on oxycodone and the new-oxy for about 12 years and this October 13th decided enough was enough.
I too live in chronic pain, relatively high levels of pain which were there regardless of the medication. I have now been "off" all narcotic medications completely, for over a month....I did a weaning process which was still difficult, but necessary.  Now it's a matter of getting my guts back in order. If I can do this, you too can do this.
The support here is fantastic!
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  just my opinion, but i wouldnt substitute a sub habit for ahydrocodone habit, suboxone will relieve the wdraws from the hydro but IMO thats like putting gas on afire, it does work , tho  maybe someone more knowledgable than me will come along and gtve you the straitght dope......anyways, best of luck to you.....kk
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