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missed shot/leaky vein? numb

Okay First off I know I shouldn't be doin it so yeah...But I just injected 15cc into my left arm into what I believe to be known as the cephelic vein, and all was going fine then I noticed the burn which signals im not in vein. I guess I slipped or maybe I've overused it and it's leaky, anyhow instead of pullung out and finding new spot I repositioned point and when it flashed I emptied rig, withdrew slowly, but seconds later the injection site was red and numb. I ran it inder hot water and applied epsom salt and it started to get a lump (10 mins later lump is not there) but my arm is still numb @ inj. site. Will numbness stop? should I be worried? I do know I hit a nerve there a few hours earlier, could I have aggrivated the area when missed shot?
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I used to use IV.. but its been soooooooo long.. (8 years) I don't know the answer to that.. maybe someone else will..  or google opiophile that website may be what you are looking for.
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As long as it wasnt Mepergan, you should be fine.
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It was crystal, not as numb any more just really sore feels like bad bruise. gonna do the usual epsom salt bath. Never gotten an abcess or anything even though I've missed, slipped, etc like 5 times. I'm either just really lucky or the epsom salt baths help. I dunno Thanx though! Sooner or later I know i'm not going to be so lucky It's only a matter of time before I mess myself up even worse...So is the life...
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be careful out there...
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