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new and learning

Hi I'm new to this site in fact this is the first time i have ever posted like this.I am starting to realize how I do have a problem I need help with.My problem started by taking  tylenol#3 I only took 1 or 2 a day then I went to 2 or 3 a day.Then the t4's were easier to get and stronger so that was good.Off and on taking the 3or 4's daily for 2 years.I was getting them from my dr.for my back and my dentist but I never called it Dr. shopping to my self. I would tell myself tylenol is not even strong.It is called tylenol. ya know. But recently my Dr.cut me off now I'm taking vicodon like 3or4 750's a day and they are expensive.I am very recently  accepting that the reason I have no energy and a huge headache every time I'm outta pills is w/d's.I am very emotional about this but I cant make it stop. Any Advice?
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I'm right there with you. I'm new also never done this before but am fed up with my problem. It is w/d's that you are dealing with and addiction. I'm trying to start suboxene, I've mainly heard nothing but good thing about this treatment. Maybe this is the way to do.

Hope U get better,

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I cant tell  any one about this so im alone well besides this site ive heard alot about sub. what is it ?                               nichole
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Your not alone I'm here=> Sub is a alternative to methadone. It is suppose to be not as addicting. You can get confused with all the different experiences people have while on sub. I guess it varies person to person. Who knows?! I have liked alot of what I've heard. I want to take it to help with the craving and to stop.

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Hi All,
I have been addicted to pain meds for almost 7 yrs, I have taken everything from Meth, Oxycontin, Vic, Perc, Roxy etc. I never shot anything but I did snort some of them. The last year was the worst, I would snort 3 80's (Oxy) plus a few Roxy's in 1 day and I would still feel like I needed more. I spent a crazy amount of money and lost 7 yrs of my life on that garbage. I started because of a jetski accident which herniated 2 disks in my back. I started off small with 1 Vic. every 6-8 hours and went up from there. I went to a Meth. clinic and that turned out to the be the 2nd biggest mistake in my life, I started at 45 mg of meth and went up to 90mg in 2 months. Long story short I tapered down on the meth and got off of it when I hit 20 mg, then started the pills again.
One of the several Doctors I was shopping told me if I ever had a problem with the pain pills he would help me out with this new medicine called Suboxene. The way Sub. was explained to me was like this. If you drink Coke every day and the Dr. says you need to stop you can do 1 of these options. You can drink Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or quit cold turkey. Cold Turkey I couldn't do it. Pepsi would be your Methadone, it's **** and doesn't help you!!!!(at least not me). Diet Pepsi, tastes the same but only 1 calorie. In other words your body think it's getting what it needs but it really isn't.
The Dr. told me I had to be clean 24 hours before I started the Sub. so of course 2:00pm the day before I had an appointment at the Dr. office I decided to go out with a bang which ended up being a bad mistake. Since I took so many pills the day before the Dr appt. and took the Sub. I went into a hyper withdrawal. I started vomiting, huge headache, dizzy etc. The Dr. gave me a shot for the vomiting and a pill to help me sleep. The next day I went back to the Dr. office took the next pill and felt like a $1,000,000 bucks!! I felt great and had no w/d symptons. Sub. saved my life and my friends life. I had a friend that took Sub the day after me and felt great 30 minutes after taking the Sub.We were both taking the same amount of pain meds before the Sub. He is now living his life again with his wife and 2 kids. Don't waste any more time by taking Meth.or any other pills, find a Dr. in your area and get help. I hope this helps someone, I have been clean since January 3rd 2007!!
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suboxone is just a legal substitute.  you're just trading non legal drug for legal drug.  try holistic treatment.  
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Everything thay are talking about is legal. Suboxine, for a short amount of time, will help tramendously. I took it for 2 weeks and all I had was aches like I worked out a little too hard the day before once I stopped taking it. Nothing like going cold turkey. Talk to your primary and he/she will be able to help you. If not, search the internet and tell them you do not want methadone which is synthetic heroin and even worse than what you are taking.
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Hi there and welcome! I'm glad you found a good place to vent and get great support. Your decision to go cold turkey or take sub is very individual one. There are success stories and also many people who wish they hadn't taken any maintenance meds because eventually you will taper off the sub or meth too. I trust that you have the strength and courage to make a decision that does not relflect fear of the unknown. Read through the threads and keep in mind that withdrawl is shortlived and managable. When we get the flu we have no choice but to tough it out. Every moment is in vain...fruitless.  

We think about quitting our addictions long before we take the jump. It's a conscious choice to create a better life and a few days of feelin 'flu-like' is a badge of honour. I think we give meth and subs too much weight in recovery. They don't magically make the cravings disappear. Detox is the easy part. Staying on track is the challenge. Behavior modification is foundationall to  your new life.. Changing the way you cope and percieve things things will empower you to take charge. These are not just minor changes...they  are major transitions. You know what's coming next lol....Attending mutual support meetings greatly increases your chance of success. I have a home group that I am very fond of. It has sure helped me to hear other stories.  I now I can say I'm an addict and accept that I need to do certain activities if I want to safeguard my sobriety. You unlikely talk to family and friends with the same open and honesty as you would with people who truly understand you. Mutual support is where the healing begins. Take care and keep posting.
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