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can the muscle relaxer soma cause a false positive cocaine test?
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good question but i dont know. lemme go look it up for ya
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thank you i appreciate it
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this is what I found

Narcotic testing and cross reactions for positive results [posted 1/8/99]
Question: I was recently given a complete urine drug screen. I was on Lortab and Soma at the time, and the results were positive for benzodiazepines. I was told by a Judge that Soma can cross react, but another Judge thinks I am taking Valium. Could you inform me if this is possible, and possibly send me proof if this is true? I am on Community Control and had gone to court to get it reduced after 20 months drug-free.

Answer: You'll need to get a list of cross-reacting substances from the company who makes the test. They have this information and will tell you the cross reactivity rate with soma.
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No Soma will not give you a false positive for cocaine...........
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