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taking xanax during pregnancy

Right now I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have been taking xanax pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy.  I want to know exactly what are the harmful effects of xanax on a developing fetus and everywhere I look online just says that you should just avoid it during pregnancy.  I want to know if anyone has been in my situation and can tell me exactly what the risks are.  My baby seems to be just fine and I haven't had any problems...i'm just worried.  I dont take it all the time but I have serious problems with anxiety and depression (I did quit taking my antidepressant) and I just need the xanax to calm me down sometimes.  Can someone please give me some advice?
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The best advice you will get on here is to ask your OB/Gyn or Pediatrician. We all give out advice to anyone who asks..for the most part. You will find people ver reluctant to give advice to people with underlying medical conditions and during pregnancy. It's not that we don't want to help, it's just that nobody on this forum is qualified to answer your question.
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hi melissa. i had severe panic disorder and a nurse. you can take xanax in pregnancy as long as your physician is aware. the dose should be minimal. it is a class c medication which means there has been no studies that indicate side effects in either direction. this is a risk benefit situation that you and your physician have to determine. will the harm be more with or without the medication. in my case i took lowered dosages and due to hormonal changes in pregnancy i had no problem with decreased and eventually no xanax. my children are grown intelligient and with no adverse problem. this is no substitute for what your physician decides however. please be open with your ob.
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thanks a lot.  you made me feel alot better.
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I do not want to scare you but xanax and any other sedative is NOT a cat C it is a cat D meaning, there is positive evidence of human fetal risk.
Your OB needs to know.  It's very important.  Also at 33 weeks the chances of your baby being born addicted is pretty high and they will see the effects after the baby is born so you're better off letting them know ahead of time so they can control the withdrawals.  
I'm not judging you.  Lots of women have to take unsafe drugs when the benefits outweigh the risks but please make sure you discuss this with your dr.  It's imperative.  I was prescribed narcotic pain killers throughout my entire pregnancy and prayed every day that my daughter would be ok and she was so this is not to say that there will be anything wrong at all.    
You can go to safefetus.com to check any other medications to see what's ok while pregnant and breast feeding also.

Safefetus.com has this to say about fetal risk:

The drug is teratogenic in animals at high doses producing skeletal anomalies and by affecting the fetal neurodevelopment it causes cerebellar defects, reduced motivation and increased male aggression in the adult offspring exposed in utero.
Unknown transfer through the placenta but other benzodiazepines cross the placenta freely.
Suggested possible association between in utero exposure to alprazolam and triazolam with congenital anomalies , the number of exposures was too small to make a conclusion.
Chronic maternal use of the drug throughout pregnancy can cause neonatal withdrawal.

I wish you and your baby all the luck and love in the world.  
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Hi and welcome!  I don't want to be harsh but your OB HAS to know how much you have been taking. You said your baby seems fine....Have you been having serial ultrasounds or testing tthroughout the pregnancy?  Xanax is NOT recommended during pregnancy, so because you are already at 33 weeks, all the staff need to be ready at the time of delivery in case there are any complications. This is not meant to scare or judge you but adequate personnel need to be available in the delivery room.  I am an L&D nurse so it is only fair to you and your baby to be prepared.  Good Luck to you and your child!  
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Your Rachel is getting so big...is this a recent picture?  So good to see your name again!

Thank you so much for the information you just posted to melissa....you always are on top of things!

Hope you and your family are well!
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Yeah that's recent.  She's 14 months now!  It's crazy.  I'm hanging in.  Actually going through some **** but who isn't right?

I didn't want to sound harsh with this poster but I wanted her to have the facts you know?  It's scary enough having a baby no less adding outside influences.


How the heck have YOU been?????
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I'm doing well.  This past month has been very challenging at work.  We have been testing at least 6 moms/wk for drug dependence during pregnancy and this has hit home so hard!  It has become difficult to separate my personal and professional role as a healthcare giver!!!!!  I am empathetic to these women as I have been there, but I am also angry because some of the advice that they are given by friends/family and doctors has been (in my opinion) BS! One girl on methadone maintenance has had her dose increased to 150mg daily!  I've developed a good rapport with her! However,she comes to us twice a week, is completely dazed and slurrs her speech. This is also reflected in the babies testing... sleepy mommy, sleepy baby! Sorry to vent and I don't think I'm violating HIPPA but I just get so frustrated!  All pregnant mom's want reassurrance that their babies will be fine, and while I do my best to reassure them, they need to know the reality as well!  I feel like I will be slammed for telling the truth and that I lack compassion. I find that laughable because what about the compassion we feel towards an unborn child!  Sorry I'm rambling but some women fail to realize that while we need to be professional and kind to mom, it is also our duty to be honest and give them the full picture of what the outcome could be!

So......sorry for the rambling....I guess it's time to take a vacation from my job!  Other than that, my friend I am doing fine....still clean and still fighting!
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I don't think I could do your job and keep my big a.s.s. mouth shut!
People want to hear what they want to hear not what the truth is.  Maybe if you or others in your position actually said to some of these women "Hey listen, your baby may NOT be ok....." they might realize it's not a game.  Hopefully by that point it won;t be too late!
A vacation sounds nice.  Where are we going?
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I as well have been taking xanax pretty much through my whole pregnancy except for the 1st trimester until my anxiety kicked in real bad. I have good days and I have bad days. I started taking my xanax again during my 2nd trimester.  Either way I'm very worried how my baby will come out!!! The ultra sound has shown good results but i'm worried about how she will be when I have her in a few days. She has been very active in and moving around alot but I'm concerned with how she will really be when I have her. My Dr. is aware of my anxiety and has prescribed me .5 ml of xanax. I'm just worried if my daughter will come out ok!! Some one please let me know how their children have been in my situation. I already know this drug is a class D drug but my anxiety is bad that I need it to breathe better and feel better. I already know that we should not be taking this medication. I want feed back of how some ones child has been if you are in my shoes!
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