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this anxietys killin me

just wanted touch base an let everyone know i feel like im dyin.no sleep,cant even think bout eatin.plus throwin up an stayin on toilet an altho it makes ya feel like youd rather be dead,if i can just make it thru the week god that would be great.i wish id never started shootin that was worst mistake of my life.my deceased husband would be so dissapointed in me.but not as much as i am myself. thanx for listenin
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Hi there, what are you coming off of? Im sorry your feeling bad. keep talkjng to us,
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Try not to shame all over yourself. we are human and we have a disease called addiction. we have all done things that we are ashamed of. You have to forgive yourself.  That will begin the healing and recovering process. My computer is about to die,,so I will check back tomm/later on ya. Hang in there and Im prayiing that you get some peace and rest tonight/((hugs))~Bkitty
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You can make it through the week - and beyond. Lots of us did. The physical detox is hell, but it will end. Ride it out; drink water and eat as soon as possible. Hot baths, etc.  and from one addict to another, this is just who we are; it's how we deal with the addiction that defines us.
Keep posting.
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thanx for your words and as for what im comin off of. ive been on morphine for alotta years but have plenty of times when i would run out, would get diladud.it started out as plenty of yall know as innocent enuff but for last id say seven yrs ive been shooting em.i sleep absolutely none last nite and altho i didnt go get a morphine or diladud,i did take some hydros that i begged my mom for.geez!it was like takin aspirin or something.i have chronic high bp so i do have clonidine. also im prescribed seroquel an i took some of both. finally got bout three hours sleep.oh jesus i dont know how this is all gonna end,i wish i had never shot a pill in my life.but i did an here i sit ,years later just wantin it too stop. thanx again
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hey guys! ive been gone for about a week i guess but i have NOT used since thursday the 28th and man first day didnt think i would make it.so i did get me a couple suboxens so i could stop at least the major withdrawel symptoms i was going thru.so here it is Monday the 2cd an guess what ?IM STILL ALIVE! i still have major issues i definately hafta work thru but for once in many years , i see the light at the end of the tunnel.This is a huge step for me and im grateful to my friends here that have followed my story and who have offered their advice, it was and is much appreciated ! thanks guys and im sendin my thoughts an prayers to all you guys who need it.
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