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i would like for someone to give me some common withdrawal symptoms of someone who has been drinking a half of gallon of liguor for the past week everyday but has stopped for the past three days
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The DT's, or commonly known as the shakes.  Vomiting, fever overall feeling like hell.  Get help or get them help.
Good Luck
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I couldn't tell if your post was complete because it sort of ended in mid-sentence.  If the post concerns your own drinking then you should have had all the symptoms by now and be an expert.  Usually 72 hours into withdrawals are the worst of it.  After drinking half a gallon a day for that long you should seek medical advice for sure!  Then again, I don't know how much and for how long you have normally drank in the past.  J.B.
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Sudden cessation of alcohol after drinking that much can be, and very frequently is, fatal. You really should taper down by, say, a couple of ounces a day.

I hope you read this before you do real damage to yourself.

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Sorry to "hijack" this thread as it were, but as you all know more than one question per day cannot be posted (although I was up at midnight *and* 6 AM EST today trying, long before today's thread appeared), but I would really be grateful to read anyone's experiences with/what they know about ibogaine.  I know spook has mentioned it several times, but do not know whether he is back on this forum yet or not.  In the meantime, thanks to anyone who may be able to help.  In reference to the actual question on this thread, I'm not a physician but I do know that going from that amount of alcohol daily to nothing is very likely to result in death.  Please, whoever this refers to, do not stop this abruptly and get yourself admitted to a detox center do withdraw safely from the alcohol, in the presence of trained medical staff.

Peace (and apologies once again for the intrusion),
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they usually detox you from alcohol with a benzo like valium, ativan, librium, or zanax. I've never heard of a bonafide detox center actually feeding patients booze. Once upon a time, I know they used bariturates, but with the benzos around, I doubt if they do that now. In any event, get to a professionally run detox and get the state-of-the-art treatment, whatever it might be. But I doubt if they'll be handing out half-gallon jugs of Thunderbird.
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I think that might have been me posting about Ibogaine. I do happen to know quite a bit about Ibogaine, 'cause I've been researching it pretty hot and heavy.

I'll include some links later, but here is a quick run-down.

Ibogaine is a schedule I substance in the US. There is some small research going on, but funds are scarce. Apparently, Ibogaine is a one-shot, slam-dunk for addiction to a variety of substances, most notably opiods, cocaine, even nicotine. It is mildly hallucinogenic. Reports indicate that one treatment with this substance blocks withdrawal, and even craving seems to disappear for a varying length of up to several months, providing "breathing room" for a person to obtain traditional non-drug treatments.

One would think that the medical establishment, the FDA, the congress and the public would be enthusiastically promoting research into this drug. That doesn't seem to be the case, since its properties have been known for quite some time.

One of the main researchers into the Ibogaine effect is Dr. D. Mash at the University of Miami. Dr. Mash runs an Ibogaine treatment facility on St. Kitts, where a two-week treatment regimen is $12,000.00 - cheap when compared to the alternatives. Even though only one treatment with Ibogaine is required, there is a follow-up period of observation and counseling. The amount quoted includes meals, housing, therapies, etc. I'm not recommending this treatment for anyone else, but of all the alternatives available for detox, this is the one I would pursue if I could ever find a way to deal with my chronic pain some other way than via meds (broken back, pelvis, ankle, femur, radius and collateral damage). Here are your linke:


Hope this helps. If you go for this, please let us know.


(Would be nice if Dr. Steve would chime in on this topic)
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I have been on an ibogaine subscriber list for over 2 years and am personally aware of many treatment options besides the one Francoise mentioned. I personally know of some treatment providers and also have spoken with a number of people who have done the ibogaine experience. My opinion, for a variety of reasons, is to not go with the treatment Francoise read about but would not feel it appropriate to mention them here. There are treatment providers with 25 years experience... and a fraction ... a miniscule fraction of the island adventure:-))

It is not likely that Dr. Steve will reply as I had posted a quesion about ibogaine and it was deleted. Someone else posted a question some months after I did... it was really a heroin question but included a query about Ibogaine. Dr. Steve's reply was that the treatment was probably not availble in that person's area and went on to suggest the 12 step program. Any discussions about ibogaine here are generally deleted somewhat quickly. I have been on this board a year so I am pretty sure of that.

Ibogaine is an arduous 2-3 day awakened dreaming experience whih for some reason takes a person back to past issues, among other things. It should never be attempted without a trained "guide", makes you quite sick, and is not a guarantee of arresting addiction. It is recommended to be followed with therapy of some sort such as support groups, counselling or a 12 step program. It will interrupt addiction significantly  and the person will miss the torturous withdrawl which is a big help. Some people need a second or third treatment. Some people claim one time was enough but have not been tracked to see if they ever relapsed.

From what I have learned in 2 years... alot by the way... I would try it and I am not an addict... my daugter is one year clean of a 3 year heroin addiction but cannot leave the country for a treatment as she is on house arrest. She plans to do it someday when she is permitted to travel to re-inforce her recovery.

I suggested to Francoise that  to go to www.ibogaine.org and follow the links... there is a subscriber list that will put you in touch with those who can educate you and direct you towards treatment options. In my humble opinion it's best to learn all you can before you jump in. And don't do what I did and post on the list that you want to know where to get a treatment.... they jumped down my throat... it's illegal in the US and Belgium... no where else that I know of... and Francoise is right on about why !!!! So tread cautiously when you first enter.

I am curious about Ibogaine for pain, Francoise.... what did you learn ?? I know it has tremendous use in psychotherapy for  healing past issues.

If either of you go for this treatment let us know !!

Wonder how long this post will remain on the board.
Love, Brighty

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SPPOK, PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK?  I AM CONCERNED ABOUT YOU AND IF BRIGHTY COULD NOT FIND YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU CAN BET YUR BUTT I CAN'T.  Brighty or anyone else reading this,  do you think that maybe the mediator of this website can track spook down and help get him back?   I certainly hope so,  love t all cindi
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***@****. I hope he doesn't mind, but here's spook's e-mail address.
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Wow! That was a great post. I've done some pretty intense research on this subject but only for a short while. I've been in touch with Dr. Mash and she has said that they're treating a significant number of people on St. Kitts for oxycontin addition following its legitimate use for pain. Apparently they're having very good results. I'm with you though, I'd like to see the results of some long-term follow up studies.

I'd also like to know what's at the root of the sharp resistance to this substance. When I see posts being deleted, when I see funds dry up, when I speak to pain management doctors who have never heard of ibogaine, and in general when I see a pattern of enforced ignorance on a topic like this, I'm immediately very suspicious. Very large amounts of money must be involved somewhere that would be threatened if ibogaine was developed to its full potential.

I'd like to correspond directly with you Brighty if you're interested. I'll post my email address if you'll write direct. No point putting it out there if you aren't interested.

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I hope he doesn't mind, but here's spook's e-mail address if you want to check up on him. I think he's either bored with us because we're not on his level neuropsychopharmacologically speaking (a word I'm sure we all use on a regular basis), or he's onto some great new brain drug and is out somewhere having a ball. In any event, here it is:

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