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Re: bad hangovers
Posted By Camille on April 25, 1999 at 23:08:19
Topic Area: Alcoholism
i have drank for several years i got hangovers but now no matter how little or how much i drink the next day i am beyond sick i will trow up sometimes 30 times run a fever and can't really even sit up without being dizzy what could make things go this bad  i don;t drink all that often every few months or so
I am the same as you when it comes to hangovers. I will go out binge drinking
every one to two months and the next day I will be vomiting all day and
cannot even keep water down. As a result I feel ashamed of myself and vow
never to drink again like that. But I have said this to myself before and
its just not enough!! I realise now that I need help. I am 30 now and have
had this pattern for the last 15 years, its about time I woke up to myself
and stopped this madness. I have friends who will drink as much as me but all
they get the next day is a headache. No one really understands how bad our
hangovers can be. I think it is a type of "allergic" reaction, our bodies cannot
tolerate it. I wish you good luck and I want to you know that there is
someone out there who understands what you go through when you drink.

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