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High acth

Can someone please help me am very scared , and tensed .. From last 8 months am not feeling good in janvary , suddenly i felt extremly hungry , whatever i eat large meal or small my stomach never get full, dizziness , weight loss, and now 4 days before my face is getting dark , appeitite is normal now, acne which is not going away , my acth exact at 8am is high which is 71.20 and cortisol is normal both morning and evening, what is the reason behind this please , my pottasium is normal , bp is 135/80 sugar is also normal
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Your issue could also be Cushing's even with the weight loss.
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Thank you so much mam for your reply. Mam but now my symptoms is darkning of skin face look tan, acne which is not going away , scars become dark brown, muscle loss

In janvary to july i was extremly hunger, i tried everything but nothing helped me  but now my appeitite is back

Now suddenly from 10 days my face is getting dark

My acth level is 71.20 pg/mL
My morning cortisol is 17.84 ug/mL
My evening cortisol is 11.71 ug/mL
Potassium is 3.80 mEq/L
Sodium is 139 MEq/L
Bp is 135/80
The high ACTH is making you dark. You need more testing. You may have cyclical Cushing's, a pituitary tumor, an ectopic lung tumor or many other things so your doctor needs to do much more, and not wait.
Without ranges, it is very hard to know anything about testing. Every lab and every country differs.
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Now am feeling nausea and decrease in appetite
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Can cushing disease will convert into addison??
Because my hunger was excessive hunger.. now m loosing my appetite not feeling hungry all day ..
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Testing should be fasting, so eating before the testing is incorrect. It is sad your doctor is not advising you correctly.

Cushing's and Addison's are separate diseases but have many of the same symptoms. I know, I had Cushing's and now have Addison's.

There is one form of Cushing's where the cortisol jumps high and low making it have the symptoms of both. Sadly most doctors don't believe in this form which is called cyclical or episodic. It takes a lot of testing and it must be done properly. You need to read up on how to test properly.
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I seriously dont know day by day my symptoms is getting worse.. skin is getting tanned and hyper pigmentation on stomach and neck.. and also gums are getting dark but my cortisol is normal second time too . I consult 4 endocronologist .. they said i dont have addison disease. Tell me what to do. If no addison then why hyperpigmentation on gums and skin. I was extrenly fair. Now tanned i dont even go out. . Extreme fatigue and hunger .. which is not going away . Acne on face and arms. Please help me ou
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I am not a doctor. And as much as I am sad that your doctors appear to not be doing a complete job, I can't do anything on a board.

You have to find another doctor. The darkness is not damaging even though it looks horrible (l have it myself). Testing can be normal before it fails, but I don't even know what testing at what time you are having.
I did 13hrs fasting and at exact at 8am they take my blood for cortisol and acth as well !! But my acthvalue is 71.20 pg/mL
But cortisol is normal both morning and evening
Value of morning cortisol is 17.84 ug/ml

I have 3 question
1) higher acth and normal cortisol can be addison disease ??

2) only high acth can also be there is tumor inside my lungs or pituitary gland?

3) how can i reduce my acth?
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Here people say high acth means you have addison disease.. but my cortisol and everything potassium, sugar , blood pressure everything is normal then how addison even doctor said i dont have addison disease. . But my symptoms is quite similar to addison. Like darkning of gums and skin, fatigue , hunger pang , weight loss, muscle loss

Can someone please help me, i dont its addison or what my acth is not so high but am getting dark i was so fair

Acth is 71.20
Cortisol in morning at 8am is 17
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Today they checked my cortisol again 12 hrs fasting exact at 8am .. Cortisol at 8am is 25.7 ug/dL range is (5 to 25)
Cortisol at 4pm is 18.9 ug/dL range is ( 5 to 15)

Acth is 71.20
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1. For adrenal insufficiency ,you should have a synacthen stimulation test.  
2. For Cushings,  a dexamethasone suppression test .
3. The other pituitary hormones should be checked, eg, thyroid , prolactin, etc
4. Other non adrenal conditions can cause pigmentation and should be considered.
5. Polycystic ovarian symdrome should be excluded, as can cause acne, wt gain, metabolic symdrome
6. If the  darkening,is due to  acanthoses nigricans, associated with some conditions including pre diabetes, high insulin levels, etc
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