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Has anyone else with Addisons been diagnosed with epilepsy. My daughter was diagnosed with Addisons 5 years ago and has struggled with m...
Hello, my whole life I've gained weight very easily and struggle to lose it, fatigue, tremors, irritability, weather sensitivity, anxiety...
Hi all - I'm curious as to how many others who have Addison's or other type of adrenal insufficiency also experience shortness of bre...
I was put in the hospital last Sunday and after nearly three years of battling symptoms finally diagnosed with Addison's. I've started th...
Hi. Addison 3 years. After a lengthy stay in hospital following a crisis I am now getting respite care for mobility and muscle wastage. I...
Can someone please help me am very scared , and tensed .. From last 8 months am not feeling good in janvary , suddenly i felt extremly hu...
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