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Adrenal or Thyroid?

Hey, last April I took a bunch of blood tests and then started a Keto diet, and have lost over 40 pounds since. My thyroid numbers were in normal range (though on the lower side of normal), my TPO antibody was 14 (normal range) and my cortisol test was also in normal range (though on lower side of normal too), except for my morning cortisol which was very low. My DHEA was in normal range.

I thought I could have Cushings, but low cortisol is more alongside the lines of Addisons. Addisons typically means you have a hard time gaining weight, but I have a hard time losing weight and I gain weight very easily.

My whole life I've had issues like fatigue, I wake up feeling like I never slept, I get tired very early at night, I struggle to lose weight, I gain weight easily, I get brain fog, IBS, anxiety.  I can lose 4 pounds in one week, then gain it all back in a few days if I start to eat some junk food (regardless if I'm moving all day).

Keto has helped me drop weight and feel better. I try intermittent fasting but it doesnt work at all for me, I get fatigued and moody. Eating 4 times a day (2 meals, 2 snacks) is what works great for me, so I often wondered if I have issues with my adrenals and thyroid.

I was told by one doctor that my thyroid numbers are normal, and another said I could have secondary hypo (pituitary). I am struggling to understand what the issue is, my thyroid numbers plus my cortisol and DHEA numbers dont seem to indicate anything for sure, just "maybes". Does anyone have any opinions?
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I am struggling with the same thing as you and I have also done keto on and off. I  had a tummy tuck  a year ago and my body has completely deteriorated I have degenerative disc disease constant body pain fat gain but muscle loss despite still trying to make it to the gym a few times a week and weights light cardio bevauae I am so fatigued and have muscle weakness. My cortisol has came up low three different times the doctors kept testing me until they got normal results however they were low normal. I also have low blood pressure and get dizzy and struggle with getting enough air at times my lungs feel weak. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue years ago but I think this is related to my adrenals from my research. I also have very low levels of testosterone below someone who is in menopause and I am only 35 I also have very high cholesterol despite losing 20 pounds in the past two years. Have you gotten any help or resolutions with your health issues?
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