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Hey, last April I took a bunch of blood tests and then started a Keto diet, and have lost over 40 pounds since. My thyroid numbers were i...
Cortisol test 3.5mcg 8am Then stimulation test done next. I was super stressed 8am Cortisol baseline 6.1mcg and it go up. 19.8mcg then 24...
I took 1mg tablet of dexamethasone last night. And blood drawn this morning. Haven’t heard from my doctor yet but is 0.5 normal cortisol ...
Can you have normal sodium levels and still have addisons disease?
I had a CT scan that revealed an adrenal mass. I then had a follow up CT with adrenal protocol. The original CT revealed the followin...
I've been having ongoing medical issues for two years. One has been an on going fight of high blood pressure and I've tried many medicin...
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