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What is necessary to diagnose Addison's disease?

I have had chronic fatigue for almost 2 years now--extreme fatigue, where the smallest things will do me in,and I'm too tired/weak to exercise. I used to love to exercise.  The other issue I've had is frequent digestive trouble, and it seems like my body is unable to handle a lot of heat since last summer.

I've been to the doctor a couple times,  and they took complete blood counts and my vitals--they didn't say there was any problem with those things. I'm on a  prescription medication now for stomach acid issues.

I'm wondering, are there certain telltale signs that are always present with Addison's disease? For example,  my blood pressure is always fine. I'm so afraid of treatment if they did find that,  too,  because it looks like the treatment is steroids. I don't think i could deal with taking steroids and getting big. Depressing:(  Does the treatment do that to your body?
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If you have had normal blood tests, then likely you are okay as your electrolytes would be abnormal with Addison’s.

Fatigue sadly is a crappy symptom to have as it is part of so many things and being so general cannot be used to pinpoint a specific disorder.

Yes the treatment is steroids like so many other things that are treated with steroids. You are supposed to take a replacement (aka small) dose but pills are not perfect and people can gain, some do some do not.
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