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Is anyone else considering this option? Or is everyone keeping their baby? I don't want my baby to grow in the environment I'm in, I know that I'm not able to properly care for it. I want for its life to be better than mine, & for the family who takes it in to be stable.
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Well if u want to do it do it im not going to judge u its ur choice all im going to say is its going to be hard xx
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There is an adoption forum where you will get more helpful information good luck! You can get to it by clicking on communities and then choosing all forums and its titled adoption
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Do whatever you feel will give your baby the best life. It'll definitely be hard though. I was gonna do adoption with my first, but I changed my mind when I was 6 months. I realised I could do it. My parents were really supportive. Now she's 2 and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
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Never thought of that but if you know you can't do it then do what's right for your baby
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Im keeping my baby but I really respect you for even considering adoption. It shows u love your un born baby alot already. Not alot of mommy's have the strength and courage to give their baby up so he or she can have a better life.  It's going to be hard no matter what u decide so make sure your making tje right decision for you. Also maybe u can look into an open adoption. Best wishes best of luck to u sweetie. God bless.
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You can consider it but once you see and hold your baby you might say heck no his mines!
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Whatever you do, its your choice and I'll support you.(:
I think its wonderful you're thinking of your child first. And if you go threw with it, you'll make another family happy and give them something they were not able to do on their own. Good for you! (:
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God bless you for not killing it, that baby will thank you so much for it after all you can always stay in contact with them
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U kid love n thank u for thinking about them my daughter was two years old when gave her t my foster parents that we live in she happy n healthy thank me for giving her good home cuz I wasnt good place too than
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I have so much respect for birth moms who do what's best for their baby. Its not easy but its such a beautiful thing to do both for your baby and a loving family. Talk to an adoption agency and find out what your options are - there's no commitment just for talking. Depending what you want you can pick the adoptive parents and be involved in your babies life, or do a closed adoption. Either way you are giving the gift of life :)
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I'm keeping my baby . But Glad You Decided Too Give Your Baby A Better Life . Shows That You Will Be A Great Mom One day
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I was adopted, I am 21, found out j have a lot of health problems and can't carry a baby full term. I get pregnant, anywhere between 3 months & 7 months I miscarry, I am sure there are more girls out there like me and my husband. Who want a baby, and can take care of a baby but can't have one.. Me & hubby looking into adoption :) god bless you for trying to give ur little one a better life
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