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Addisons follow up

I was finally diagnosed with Addisons back in November and am getting ready to do a follow up.  I've been taking hydrocortisone 3 pills of 5mg in the am and 2 in the afternoon (the time varies, it's when I feel I need the energy die).  
My question is what test should I be asking my dr to run.  I visited with him 3 month ago and he didn't do anything but some simple blood test.  My blood test always came back normal (which is why I went years so sick and undiagnosed). The only test that finally showed I had problems was a 90 min cortisol test (I believe is what it was called). I also have low thyroid.  During my health issues I went from 170lbs to almost 110.  I'm back at a decent weight of 125lbs but I'm 5'9" and 32 year of age.  I'm fairly busy and active.  I have noticed I no longer can work out or run around with my kids or I pass out. I still play but if I do too much I can tell I have to stop.  
I understand how being on this drug long term is not healthy.  Unfortunately I need it be I am 100% better on it as I thought I was going to die back in October. I just don't want to destroy my body and if I can prevent it a little by cutting back I will.
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You had an abnormal stimulation test. It is good practice to get copies of everything.

I know there is a lot of stuff out there on the internet but think about reputable information.

Did your doctor tell you about stress dosing and salt? Do you take florinef? How is your blood pressure? How is your sodium and potassium reading? You need the labs to know how to diet and know what to eat. Normally when you are sick, an AI person needs to avoid potassium but some need it. So you need to know if you just need salt or both.

You need to have a kit, and people prepared to help you.
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