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Diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency...

I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency about 3 weeks ago now in addition to being panhypopituitary, hypothryoid and several other diagnosis since my pituitary surgery in 2009. I now know I had all but 2 listed symptoms of Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency since 2009. It's taken this long to get a solid diagnosis as to what was really going on. My latest question is this....does anyone else have heart palpitations like I do? This is one of the most "disconcerting" symptoms I have over all. With the issue of being adrenal insufficient the Endo upped my hyrdocort to 25 mg in divided doses a day versus 15 mg per day. Any thoughts on the palps would be welcome. I have worn a holter monitor and had a chemical stress test....no findings of heart issues. I'm about to go bonkers. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this and suggestions! Happy Spring!
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Did the endo mention anything about salt? You may need more sodium and you may need Florinf to hold sodium.

It may be that your sodium or potassium are off... Is your endo a pituitary endo? Do you get copies?
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He is a fairly new Endo to me. I've only been in to the office to see him twice so far. One visit was to get established with him and one was when I was the sickest with this insufficiency issue. As far as I know he is a regular garden variety endocrinologist. We live about 2-3 hrs away from any "large/teaching" facility. I have wondered if I needed Florinef or not. My diagnosis is secondary adrenal insufficiency. I had all but two listed symptoms of it. I also have wondered about potassium being skewed as I have been having pretty bad muscle cramps. I can try to pull copies of my labs.  Pretty frustrating if a person can't get anyone to recognize just how TRULY I'll you are. I feel a
Lot of times that ok 80 years old but am not even 60.   I'm sure hoping and praying that you're getting the help you need as well as myself. Hang tough and once again THANK YOU for being in my corner even when u are having issues yourself!! Xoxoxoxo
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If your diagnosis is secondary aka pituitary then seeing a pit doc is even more important. I know it can be far. I travel 6 hours one way to mine.

See if adding salt helps. I just had to up my florinef. Things change. I need way more salt during summer.
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