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Great improvement but still have question.

Thank God,  I was able to find doc who helped me.
Now I feel much more strong with less anxiety and fatigue afternoon.
My treatment is mostly from high doses of concentrated liquid vitamins C and B 5 which are building blocks of adrenal function. Doc told me that allergy is the result of adrenal insufficiency too tough candida infection increased it too.I am under supervision of nutrition specialist from his clinic for 8 months because I am sensitive to everything including vitamins and other supplements.
I am also found another doc close to me who do acupressure for Adrenals but I should wait when i will be able to take it. It will work the same way as supplement and can cause overstimulation and relise too much toxins at the same time.I wonder if somebody tried that?
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I find it just a tad strange that you are sensitive to vitamins etc.- which are in all food - I might agree that you can't take some certain brands due to colors and fillers, but this sounds like an excuse to sell you something expensive to me... I have never heard of AI as a result of an allergy either. But I do know AI causes suppressed immune systems and lots of them get candida... as long as you are feeling better.

I have gone for acupuncture now for years and love it.
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It is great that you can tolerate acupuncture because i have tried it 3 times and had severe side effects like pounding head and heart, fatigue, pain in my stomach, heart, head, reflux, etc. I was told it is from overstimulation and toxins. Probably also from estrogen dominance as it can stimulate all hormones not only adrenal. I react that way to any hormones even natural type.
I was told that i am sensitive to v. C by acupuncture specialist who did muscle test to me for food sensitivities. It was true that I wasn`t able to tolerate this vitamin as it is acidic but probably also can cause hypoglicemia in big quantities.( I had it after UV vitamin treatment). But now i am taking vitamins very carefully starting from tiny dose and stop if I feel oversimulated.
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Acupuncture is very dependent on the person doing it so if you don't like the person doing it, then try another if you choose to try it again. I have an MD doing mine - a former oncologist so he knows both eastern and western medicine.

I find all the sensitivities to hormones and vitamins strange as both are nature building blocks of the body.  I found this on acidic vitamins:
"Acidic vitamins play a special role in maintaining the health of the human body in that they each contribute to cell health and formation. While vitamin  C primarily acts a cell anti-oxidant, vitamins B9 and B5 contribute to cell formation and the carrying of human genetic information. Vitamin B5, however, is the only acidic vitamin that can be created by the human body. It is generated by bacteria in the large intestine."

None of these vitamins have anything to do with hypoglycemia. Do you have food allergies?

Normally hormone reactions come from having too much or too little - or taking something not needed. Hormones are natural. Colors and fillers can cause an issue... but side effects and issues/diseases happen from too much or too little.

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Yes, I have food allergies and chemical sensitivities. And also allergy to molds and candida I had at least in the past. It was major reason for adrenal fatigue together with hormonal shot with Progestin. The problem that I still can’t stop eating allergic food sometimes, because I am always hungry.  Hypoglycemia is from that too as whole hormonal system imbalanced when one have Candida infection. I wonder how many people with low adrenal function have hypoglycemia?
The doc who did UV treatment told me that my hypogicemia reaction is from V. C. She pumped too much of it and other vitamins and minerals at the first treatment. She is MD but not so good doc as she also missed adrenal problems with thyroid insufficiency. She even prescribed me drugs to stimulate thyroids but I was afraid to take it. Otherwise I would have crash from overstimulation.
Now I have another doc who understands how to deal with low adrenals and he uses only vitamins not herbal stimulants. We started from few drops of v. C (new type of vitamin encapsulated and concentrated) and one drop of Panthenine - the best form of V. B5
I had burning from powdered v. C in the past as my stomach and esophagus was inflamed from reflux. I probably would have problem with big doses of V. C now if it would be in powder as it will require many caps to be taken at the same time. But now it is enough to take 1- teaspoon at the time to get 8 000 units. I didn`t know that vitamins can carry genetic information, it is interesting.
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