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adrenal crisis from prednisone withdrawal?

Hi, my girlfriend was on prednisone for 10 days for an ear infection (which was causing extreme vertigo). She abruptly stopped taking it because of the side effects. Now, three days, later she has many of the symptoms listed for acute adrenal crisis (extreme nausea: vomited 10 times today, dizzy, headache, very weak, temors, chills, no energy, feels strange, etc). However, her doctor (an ENT) told her simply to drink plenty of fluids. Should she seek alternate treatment? Could this be serious?  Thanks,
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Dropping predisone abruptly is not recommended - Did she tell her doctor she did that?

A crises with the adrenals occurs slowly - I don't believe this situation would put her in crises. She could however - had weak adrenals prior and the shock of stopping the med could be upsetting.

It may not hurt to get testing since predisone can feed the adrenals.
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Steroids need to be tapered. Depending on the dose, she could have an adrenal crisis. I go into them very fast and have almost died within a few hours.
She should go seek help since she has vomited so much. Tell them about the steroids. She needs fluids. She may not be able to drink fluids since she is vomiting so much.
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I recently was given a methylprednisolone pack for an allergic reaction to something we haven't identified yet.  First, I had an iv of steroids and then I took the taper dose of prednisolone.  I took 3 days worth and had to quit because it made my anxiety horrible.  Now I have tingling in my head all the time and am going to the bathroom alot.  I am drinking plenty of liquids because now I have a bladder infection.  What are the symptoms of adrenal crisis?
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The anxiety is a side effect.
Adrenal crisis is pretty much what gauss described - nausea, vomiting, dizzy, headache, chills, feeling weak, etc.  I would add being confused in my case.

I am not sure about the tingling and the bladder infection. Sometimes you may have had your immune system suppressed but that depends on how much you took (after all, they are immunosuppressants).
will taking two 4mg pills make me have withdrawls??? How soon will they leave my system...it's been 4 days, I'm very anxious....
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I was WRONGLY stopped abruptly from my daily dosage of 20/mg pred. daily by a doctor and went into crisis - could barely catch my breath for two days and was hospitalized.  I don't know where that doctor's head was at!  Always taper from prednisone and do so only under a responsible doctor's supervision.
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