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dopamine and adrenals

i am trying to find how dopamine and the adrenal gland is related.  i know that they are.   i have had a tired adrenal for a long time,  perhaps forever.   partly because of that i got addicted to tramadol which i am now off .  tram is very bad for the brain.  one of the worst symptoms is restless legs which i found out is dopamine related.  now whever i exercise it kicks me back into the withdrawal symptoms,  rls being the worst.   i want to rest my adrenals but i also don't want to turn into a blob with no exercise.   i don't know if can take something to boost dopamine?  to support the adrenal after exercise ?  what can i do?  the dopamine thing when it happens also does not allow a good sleep so i getting a bit panicky about this problem .  appreciate any comments.
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I will try to pull something up - I am not familiar at all with this part of the adrenals.

I will alert some other member to see if they know things.

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if you're getting low in dopamine, a lot of folks try using the precursor nutrients, such as tyrosine, or phenylalanine DL. It's found in chicken, eggs, milk and cottage cheese.

Tyrosine converts into leva dopa, and you could try mucuna pruriens for that, but dosage is sketchy on each brand.

L-dopa is the last stop on the train before dopamine, cuz from what I understand, you can't "take dopamine". You give your body the nutrient and it has to make the stuff.
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