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Alcohol allergy?

So for over a year now ive got a weird symptom when drinking beer or any alcohol. I get really dizzy and really tired. I used to be able to drink a 6 pack a night if i wanted to, no problem. Now i cant even have an occasional drink without feeling like i took a sleeping pill and out of my head. What the hell? I was on pain meds for my spine issues, but didnt take them when i was gonna have a beer or 2.. I eliminated that, out of my system for over 45 days, and still nothing.
Im kinda dizzy all the time, but when I drink, it multiplies it. Ive been tested for wheat allergies and stuff, but why would it just come out of no where?

One thing I noticed during this is that my spine (where spines enters skull) when I drank, it seemed to get dehydrated, and cause a headache. Not sure why, but it just gets worse. Could it be food allergies out of no where, or something wrong with my spine?

Anyone else with similar symptoms or any allergie to beer, alcohol, whatever, would be helpful
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Excessive alcohol drinking can cause dizziness, tiredness, headache, and dehydration. It's called intoxication, not allergy. None of your symptoms point to an alcohol allergy. I suggest you stay away from it. Why make matters worse?

Have you seen a doctor for any of these symptoms? Something as simple as an inner ear problem can also cause dizziness.

Allergies can pop up out of nowhere. Did you test positive for anything?

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No positives. As for the excessive drinking, I ment that as my younger years thats what I would do from time to time, just to should that it wasnt always this way. I have been constantly dizzy for weeks, and have been to the doc and 2 ER visits, nothing. I got diagnosed with TMJ and IBS(and GERD....who doesnt), thats it though.

Its easy for some to say just stay away, like all doctors, but it takes the edge off, and I have to have something to take the edge off, call it pathetic, but everyone has their own way to take the edge off. And I never had a problem til recently...*****
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You, yourself, said that even an occassional drink will cause these symptoms, so why aggrivate it? The doctors are right!

Were there any tests done on you?

I know what it's like to live with dizziness, so I feel for you in that respect.

At the very least you should see an ENT doc and have him/her rule out an inner ear problem.
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Ill take that into account. What kind of tests can they do?
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Sometimes a diagnosis can be made just by taking a patients history along with a physical exam.

Other times vestibular and auditory tests are given along with an ENG test (to measure eye movement-nystagmus.) The rotatory chair can also be used for a diagnosis.

Low blood pressure can cause dizziness along with a slew of other things.

An MRI can rule out possible brain disorders.

There is no need to put up with the dizziness. Go and get it checked out.

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Ive had MRI, negative. Whats this ENG, is it a test the doc can just do or you go to a specialist?  Same with rotatory chair. Blood pressure is usually 120/80
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Both the ENG (Electronystagmography) and Rotatory chair are used for diagnosing inner ear diseases. And yes, you have to see a specialist (ENT).
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Look into Yeast Allergies.
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I didnt mean to make that to anyone.

But yea look into Yeast Allergies.

I'm allergic to Brewer's and Baker's Yeast. I get very nauseous and even if I have a half of a beer I wake up the next morning with what I call an "Allergy Hangover." I didn't drink enough to get a hangover but because of my allergy I have headaches, dizzyness, sensitivity to light Just like if I had a true hangover.
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is it different in alcohol as it is in bread? i can eat any type of bread and have no problems. Been tested for wheat allergy and all is fine.
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I have weird symptoms when I drink too.

Except all my symptoms occur the next day. When I wake up, I have a bad hangover, but I've had not a lot of alcohol. Also, I get very itchy and develop hives.

My main concern is, why does it not happen right away when I drink, but many hours later, after I've sobered up?
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