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About 2 years ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with my hands, fingers, and knuckles grossly swollen. So swollen to the point I would be in pain. It looked like my hands were full of fluid. I could barley move or bend my fingers and felt as though they were parylized. Also I began gaining weight for no apparent reason. It started about when I got my gall bladder removed.

I have been to a kidney specialist, urologist, cardiologist, hematologist, allergist, and an endocrinologist. All were to no evail.
Since my hand thing started ... "it" then moved to my wrists, arms and up into my shoulders. After a year of the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder thing, "it" decided to add my face and eyes to the problem. I wake up with my eye lids so swollen, I look as if I'v had an all night cry-a-thon. My eyes water, burn and are red all the time. It takes several hours with ice to "somewhat" make the swelling in my eyes go down.  I noticed that the swelling would ALWAYS begin when I was "at rest", i.e., sleeping, sitting more than 30 min in a vehicle, or just being still for TV or a movie etc... "It" has decided my hands, fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, face and eyes weren't enough ... "it" has now claimed my legs, ankles, feet, heels, and yes ... even my toes. . I get gross adema-like-endentions in my ankles, legs, and feet. Now, since this all started, I have gained about 45 pounds. I do not eat like an obese person. I eat like a bird and I eat healthy. I have poliquistic ovary syndrome and my gyno has said it can cause my insulin levels not to be ok. I´ve had every test possible, even for diabetes and nothing.
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I am not sure at all --- even if you don't eat for anything this happens?  Maybe try posting on undiagnosed symptoms, too ....

I wish we had more answers for you .... they are certain you don't have a kidney stone blocking things ... if it is uric acid it may not show up on tests since those types are transparent ... I have had kidney stones and they hurt and do their "thing" while at rest or sitting in a car for awhile or after an amusement park ride like a water park .. the stones move and then settle back down.

Keep in touch.

Did they check your uric acid levels ?

Also out of the box thought .. gallstones?  Have they done an ultrasound/ct scan for either of these type stones?

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