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Vega Testing

I am just curious if any of you have done Vega testing and what your thoughts are.  I usually dont go to holistic doctors but I have been chronically ill for 20yrs.  So I thought, well lets just go see what she says.  She is reputable and I know many who have gone to her. I have read that there is no scientific evidence and that it is only 70-80% accurate

She said that Wheat, Spelt and Dairy allergy plus candida in both the small and large bowel. She also said that all my nutrients and minerals were not being absorbed.

I have had Gastric issues since I was a baby so to me it makes a lot of sense.

I got tested for Celiac but I knew it wasnt that because the pain really only happened with wheat and the Dairy was just more of a suspicion for me.

What is all of your thoughts on this?

I have researched health pretty much since the day I started to get ill and the food allergy thing is the one thing that I always thought it was so to me it seems reasonable.

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I sense you know what you need to do - See an Allergist and get tested for allergy to foods. Keep in mind "food allergy" is not the same as "food intolerance."    In the meantime, may I suggest you try a "Gluten-free" diet?  You can speak with a nutritionist for help with foods, and there's always the Internet.  Most supermarkets have a "Gluten-Free" section if you absolutely can't live without pizza.  I hope you feel better. When you do, you can try adding 1 new food each week or so,  to find out which you can eat, and which cause you problems.
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I see that you have had lupron, did you get add-back? If so did you know that one of the inert ingredients in both add-back pills is lactose and lactose monohydrate. I started getting horrible migraines and more. Now I am having my add-back compounded without any of the ingredients that I cannot have and there is a long list.



I hope this helps,

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I forgot to add that all birth control also has dairy as an inert ingredient. I know I searched. So this is out for me as a treatment for my endo. There should be a law that pharmaceutical companies cannot use the top 10 allergens as ingredients in meds or supplements.
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Yes for the add back and yes the birth control is the last thing I am working on coming off of.  I am working on the food part right now and in 2 months I start working on coming off it. I am scared to come off it but i need to.

I just got my colposcopy results back today and he said there was high grade cells or something like that but he thinks he got it all because there were only small patches I guess of lesions?  anyhow this just makes me want to get a hyster even more.  However my endo specialist will not do it unless another gyno agrees that its the right thing to do.. Such a pain.
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I hope it will not take you long to find another ob/gyn that agrees with you.  Would it be a total hyster if so can you look into bio-identical hormones? Can you find some research online that could help change your endo specialist opinion. I do not know if you also have adenomyosis but here is a website that says that a hyster is the only thing that will help:

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You might want to the Nezhats webistes-- these doctor are respected world wide. One of them is the doctor that pioneered using laparoscopy to diagnose and treat pelvic pain.

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