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Why do I feel sick for days after drinking alcohol?

For many years now I have avoided drinking due to the ongoing hangover type symptoms that carry on for up to 4 days.
For example, if I drink on Saturday night (small amounts, say 5 beers max), I don't feel too bad the next day but Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday, I feel lethargic, slightly ill and my mind feels weird sort of spaced out feeling.
I have been to my gp who told me to just stop drinking alcohol... but that's not really an answer, as I do enjoy drinking, even if it is only once every 6 months.
To me it seems like my body has trouble processing the alcohol out of my system.  
On a couple of occasions after drinking around 4 or 5 rtd's in the evening, by midnight I was so ill, I was sweating and vomiting and diarrhea, which almost caused a panic attack.  However that has not happened the last 2 times.
I am on venlafaxine for anxiety, however this used to happen before I was on medication, so we can rule that out.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Hello Splatty,

If your doctor says just stop drinking alcohol, I would listen to your doctor.
Some people are actually allergic to alcohol, you might be one of them.
Many medications warn you not to drink alcohol while you are taking that
medication. You mentioned you are on venlafaxine for anxiety.
Five beers is a fair bit of alcohol added altogether. If after drinking alcohol,
you feel so ill that you are sweating, vomiting and have diarrhea, your
body is trying to tell you something and that something is that alcohol
does not agree with you. I would listen to your body.  I wish you well.  Eve
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