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Hives driving me crazy after loosing baby to etopic

Since December 7th 2015 I have been experiencing hives breaking out all over my body it all seems like it started after I was admitted to a hospital with an ectopic pregnancy once surgery was complete I felt something was not right and was back to the ER 3 or more times I was readmitted with a staph infection in the surgical area underneath my skin I was treated and released by December 24th I began to break out in hives terribly I tried Benadryl I tried oatmeal baths I went to a dermatologist eventually and he asked me to try Zyrtec 10 milligrams did not work I upped it to 20 on my own and it started to control the problem however without the Zyrtec my body breaks out in hives from head to toe I do not want to continue on medications such a Zyrtec as I work in the medical field dialysis specifically in fear that one day I could have complications from all the medications I'm taking now the dermatologist said that I'm having an allergic reaction to something it may or may not be related to the staff infection he asked me to evaluate any new products I've been using hygiene products specifically laundry soaps exedra and there is nothing new that I've incorporated into my life as the months go by the only thing that I do on a daily basis that has not changed in over 20 years as I smoke menthol cigarettes at a pack a day I started to pay more attention to this it seems like throughout the year the more I smoke the worse these hives breakouts become also I've started to notice that my lungs almost feel itchy like they have hives as well I wake up coughing but it's more of a itchy type cough from my chest area I'm curious if this is caused from the smoke or if this is a part of nicotine allergy because I want to quit smoking I know that I cannot do it without an alternative such as a vape I'm 37 years old and have been smoking since I was 14 I've tried Chantix which did work but due to a loss in the family I started smoking again and it seems I've become immune to the effects of Chantix all together so I don't have that option again can somebody please tell me what I can do to get rid of these hives is this a cause from the staff infection that triggered an allergy is this is simply coincidence I'm trying to figure out how exactly these hives came about and treat them to get rid of them I have seen a few posts on here that says people are breaking out in hives after they quit smoking which confuses me also please if anybody has any information or could help comment back thank you
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