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Itching & skin redness all over body after taking Cod Liver Oil

I started taking cod liver oil pills one a day for its general health benefits but couldn't use it for more than 7 days because of severe itching all over body. After 7 days I stopped taking it, a week passed but still my body was itching. It appears that the skin has become more sensitive. The itching could happen at any part of the body but mostly in arms, hands and legs. When I itch it becomes red. The redness remains for about an hour and then it disappear. Even after stopped taking cod liver for a week the itching remained active. The cod live oil pills along with other things contained Vitamin A: 2666 iu, Vitamin D: 200 iu and Vitamin E: only 3 iu. I thought it was an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of cod liver oil So I took an over the counter Anti-Histamine (i.e; Loratadine 10mg). It is a magic pill at least in my case, I took one a day for two days and the itching disappeared. I thought that my condition was normalised so I switched back to my old Multi Vitamin formula that I had used before without any side effects. Just after 8 hours from consuming single pill of multi vitamin the itching came back, also got a hive under my arm. I am confused I couldn't analyse to what ingredient my body is allergic to? This multivitamin never gave me itch before, but why now? Is it related to Cod Liver oil pills? By reading the contents of both supplements there are two things in common one is Vitamin A and other is Vitamin D. I was surprised to know that the Multi Vitamin contained 5000 iu of vitamin A and 400 iu of vitamin D .. that is exactly double to the amount found in Cod Liver Oil. Could it be Vitamin A or D? Confused?
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