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Ongoing Ear drainage, phlegm and not feeling well all around

Feburary 16th I woke up with a extremely painful earache and lost my ability to hear in my left ear. I went to a walk in clinic the following day for the Doctor to briefly look into my ear and said it was "buldging" she sent me home with Doxycycline and OTC Allegra and told me to come back in 3 days if there was no improvement.
Fast forward 3 miserable days of a throbbing ear, hearing loss and feeling of fullness along with congestion I returned to her office where she again briefly looked into my ear and stated "it's red" she told me to finish the round of Doxycycline and come back in 5 days if no improvement.
5 days pass still zero improvement with pain, hearing or congestion. The doctor prescribed me 2 azithromycin for 5 days while continuing the Allegra. Shortly before finishing this round of antibiotics things went south. I woke up in the middle of the night to green thick mucus draining from my left ear. I immediately went to the emergency room where they took 1 look inside and gave me a referral to a ENT. The ER sent me home with Levofloxacin and a bottle of Ofloxacin and sent me on my way. A few days later I has my visit with the ENT where he took a culture of the discharge and suctioned my ear. He warned me it will still likely drain and he was correct it drained the same green mucus up until today.
I am not feeling well at all, I feel very out of it and physically drained, my entire body feels tired and my arms feel weak. I have had consistent congestion, clear snot & mucus. If I lay on the left side of my body my temple and eye socket will begin to get terrible pains. My left ear feels extremely clogged once again (which is likely my ruptured ear drum closing back up and the drainage getting stuck behind it again) I also notice a pulsating sound from inside my ear almost in sync with my heartbeat. My hearing is partially back however it is very muffled/distant/echoing.
I have another appointment with ENT on Tuesday but I am curious if anyone else has gone through a similar situation? This has been close to a month of misery with no end in sight.

To add I am allergic to Penecillin, Sulfa & Ceclor
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