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cat allergie

hi. we just got a kitten, and although i lived all my life in my partents house with a cat, i seem to have developped a pet allergie. i have itchy eyes, sneezing, easy headaches,difficulty in breathing, sensation of a burning nose. i started taking some allergie stop medicine and use some spray to decongesionate my nose. they work, in big lines, very good, my question is: for how long can i still use this medicine? do not want to abuse it. how expensive are the allergie stop shots?  what are the easiest and cheapest way out of it? thank you!
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I hate to say this, but the best thing is to find the kitten a new home and adopt another pet. But first, make sure the problem is the pussycat. Perhaps the cat could be boared away for a while and you could see if the symptoms subside? It may be general asthma developing from other reasons.

If it is the cat the answer is not to take medications. The inflamation can be life-threatening and is nothing to fool with.

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Many people with pet allergies develop an immunity to the animal they are routinely exposed to, but remain allergic to other animals.  You may eventually develop and immunity to your new cat, but no telling how long that would take.  

The cheapest and most effective thing would be to give the cat away, but that is hard to do.  I would recommend Zyrtec as a antihistamine (allergy stop tablet), sinus rinse bottler (available in pharmacies).  

The allergen is actually in the cat's body fluids (saliva and urine).  Each animal has a slightly different protein in their fluids which is why some people develop an immunity to their own.  Using a clumping litter and cleaning it daily might help some.

An antihistamine can be taken as long as you are being exposed to the allergen.  The decongestant spray should only be used for 3 days if it is something like Afrin.  Longer use causes something similar to addiction where you have "rebound" congestion - when you don't use the medicine you are congested just because your didn't use it, but there is no real need to use the spray.  You would have to see a dr for a nasal steroid to get over this adiction.

Allergy shots are not that bad at around $20 US (still expensive for some).  It is the testing that is expensive - $500 US.  

Some allergen exposure control methods are to clean very well daily (vacuum, sweep, dust), keep the cat out of your bedroom, wash your hands after playing with the cat, and shower before bed.  If you can train the cat to tolerate a bath that would be beneficial as well.  Otherwise you could try wiping its coat with a damp cloth regulary.  

There are ways to live with pet allergies and keep the pet.  If these ideas don't help you can do some further research online for livinge with pet allergies.

Good luck.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, it is clear that you are allergic to pets, your body has got sensitized to them and hence subsequent reactions to exposure are spontaneous and can be more severe.

Best way of management would be avoid further exposure. You need to keep the cat away from you. As for symptoms are concerned anti histaminics can be taken whenever there is attack and refrain from nasal decongestants (should only be used for 3-4 days intermittently).  

I suggest you to undergo skin allergy test. I suggest you to consult dermatologist for further management.  Take care and regards.

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