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hand allergy

from six years i am having some type of skin allergy
i am a chef so i am having daily contact with different kinds of food ingredients.now it is worsened since one month .its started as rash,the skin breaks when itching on it after two days the skin cells become dry and gradually become black
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The best way to find out what your allergic to is process of elimination also ask yourself what new thing have I been working with it may even be a cleaner that you've been using.
I found out that my skin doesn't like Tilex by not using for a while and the skin on my hands got better.
Try wearing gloves while you’re in the kitchen if it clears up then it might be a food allergy if it doesn't then it might be a cleaner.
It's worth a try any way.
Good Luck and Stay Healthy  
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Mariyamary, the following is an Immediate Treatment for allergies,reactions and sensitivities.
It is called "Spinal Release Procedure". Make sure you're well hydrated.
1. Connect mentally with your issue.
2. Get someone to tap on either side of spine, using knuckles( using middle finger knuckles of fist) about 1/2" - 1" left and right of the spine
From C7 -bump on neck- all the way down to the tail bone.
While tapping fast on the back, on each up and down cycle , have the patient (you)
a) breathe in- holding breath
b) breath out - refrain from breathing
c) hyperventilate
d) relaxed normal breathing
e) eyes circle clockwise(without moving your head)
f) eyes circle counterclockwise
g) close eyes
h) eyes closed, eyes circle clockwise
i) eyes closed, eyes circle counterclockwise
Note: Each action is one up and down cycle.
I usually repeat this procedure 2-3 times. And again the following day if needed.
Try to stay connected to your problem ( in your case it is easy since your experiencing it at the present time) as you're doing this.
I just did a treatment for a member of my staff a couple days ago (she had a lot of stress from her dog's severe illness and finally died the following day) and her body got virtually covered with this burning and itchy rash. Her relief was almost instant and today she was a lot better.
Should you have any questions please post again here. I'll try to respond within a day or two.

The above Professional Protocol is designed to re-balance your meridians, so your immune system gets restored , and it starts responding normally again.
I hope the Holiday Season goes a little better for you.

P.S. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Anti-Fungal, Anti_microbial, Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Viral) external or internal use has excellent healing properties! Look it up.
We all use it for wellness at our home and it's simply one of my top recommended heath foods. ( I have a very strong backround in Holistic Health and Energy Medicine)
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