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i have spots?

i dont have what i am have on my tummy and arms but they are red spots and sometimes itchy but not all the time me and my cousin both have them but my cousins re fadeing but mines are bright red and i have had the for 4 days now and  it cnt we chicken pox because i have had them and it usally take up to 10 day for them to apeer so if anybody could help me and try find out wht they that would be great thanks you :D xx
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Hi, we would get a clear picture if you would explain about the spots. This can happen due to local causes like skin irritation may be due to allergic causes.

The strongest possibility would be insect bite including chigger bites, mites, flea etc.
For itching anti histaminic and medium or high potency topical corticosteroids against prescription are quite effective. Vigorous cleansing with soap and water should be done. Clothing should be washed in hot water or treated with pyrethroid insecticides to kill mites.

Other less likely viral exanthematous infection and bacterial infection like Mycoplasma pneumoniae - serological test and chest radiography is important to rule out and should be treated with appropriate antibiotic, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (it is tick borne disease and needs serological test for diagnosis), scarlet fever; as a result of streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis, Kawasaki disease.

Hence, you need to undergo serological tests for few common causes. I suggest you to consult dermatologist and get a detailed evaluation. Take care and regards.
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Hmm, are they red bumps or do they look like scabs?  Is it possible that they could be flea bites or bed bug bites?  You might want to see your doctor if the problem persists.
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