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iron oxide allergy?

So I have been using Bare Minerals foundation for about 4 years, and had no problem with it. Then about 4 months ago I noticed it would make my skin a little itchy when wearing it. And, after I would shower and go to bed, I would wake up with extreme itchiness on my face and swollen eyelids.

I did some research and thought it might be the bismuth oxychloride. Since then I have tried about 15 different foundations, none of which contain bismuth oxychloride. Every single one of these foundations, including several that claim to be hypo-allergenic, has given me the same reaction the morning after I use it, especially if I was sweating while wearing it.

I've carefully examined the ingredients, and discovered that all the foundations I've been trying contain both titanium dioxide and iron oxides (the latter apparently give makeup its color). I've ordered makeup that lacks the titanium dioxide, but I worry it is the iron oxides that are giving me this horrible reaction.

It is my worst nightmare not being able to wear makeup, as a I have severe rosacea and dark under-eye circles. What do you think this allergy could be? And is there makeup out there that doesn't have any iron oxides? (I've look thoroughly but found nothing). PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've had similar issues worsening over the past few years.  Thinking back, it all seemed to start when I began using bare minerals (mild at first almost not noticeable, worsened significantly after my second baby.  Thought it might be the move from NY to NC and all the new pollens-but I've never had allergies before.  Been to the doctor, allergist and eye doctor.  Had patch testing (all negative). I've been diagnosed with contact dermatitis (cure-don't wear any makeup-not my favorite option-so I keep looking) and eczema (creams-nothing worked)  It's been four years or so now and it is so bad that I haven't worn eye make up or makeup near my eyes for over a year.  Tired Covergirl clean today near my eyes -eyes a mess again.  So I checked every label I could. Some form of metal was present in everything I have saved, but can't use - Parbens sometimes. Pure and Natural soap (The original stuff) on my face (scary enough) helped alot.  I'm going to try the 100% Pure make up line made out of fruit extracts next.  Until then, I'm make up free around the eyes.
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I have been diagnosed with an allergic reaction to Potassium Dichromate. The best I can figure is that this is Iron Oxide. My face gets puffy, red, itchy, swollen... It is horrible! I have tried different make-ups and it goes away for a few days and then rears its ugly head again. I have called Nuetragena to see if they can identify which products do not have Iron Oxides in them as all of them say "May Contain." When I called they said that some colors have it and others don't, but someone higher up had to get back to me to answer that question. how are the fruit extract make-ups going? Any solutions there? If so, please pass on the names of them.
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Iron allergies are rare in general population, but they are significantly inconvenient. Iron is in everything. Fortunately, it sounds as though you have an allergy to the oxidated form of iron (rust, ok? It's rust.)

All commercial makeups are made with iron oxide. You may wish to find someone who makes custom make-up blends to make a foundation and/or powder for you that does not use iron oxide. Plant powders and extracts, for example, could potentially be made to blend with a facial lotion or an uncolored make-up base to address your needs.

Unfortunately, the make-up industry uses iron oxides for the majority of colorants. Researching DIY makeup may open an new avenue for you.

I am simply allergic to iron touching my dermis (not epidermis) and do not have other problems such as digestion of iron. Lucky me? Still can't get those tattoos I want.
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I just would like to know if anyone has found a make up that doesn't contain iron oxides.Even though I put it into the search in the list of ingredients it comes up ?????
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There is a foundation called 100% Pure, it is made out of fruit extracts no iron oxides, I purchased it from this site; http://site.ariva.com/account/index.php,   I do have to tell you that it is very dry, and I have dry skin this is not a good combination, if you have oily skin, then this will probably work well for you. I usually use moisturizing makeup, so I guess I will keep looking. I hope this helps.
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I have recently diagnosed with severe allergies to Nickel (Iron Oxide included).  Today I have been searching for make up that I can use, because I am a faithful user of makeup. I found a great article which lead me to a few brands offering make up that is free of Iron Oxide.  The sad thing is most of the products cost more than I usually like to spend.  But It looks promising.  Let's see if I can post a link in this comment area.
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I have found a couple shops on Etsy that have been really helpful for me. There are some really fantastic shops owned by people who charge very reasonable costs. There is also Primal Life Organics which is a bit more pricey. I also found another online store called Epic Mineral Beauty.
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