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Anyone have experience with photo-sensitivity?  Basically a sun allergy that causes sun to react with chemicals in cosmetics, skin creams...even sunscreen?  I am completely broken out in contact dermatitis.  I was in the sun 7 days ago with sunscreen on.  Anyplace I applied sunscreen and allowed sun to penetrate, I have a terribly bumpy rash.  I've read that I should look for sunscreens using zinc oxide for future use.  Have any of you dealt with this before?  Rash is now on day 7...should I be doing something special to treat it?
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I have never dealt with this but I have read about some people on here that have the same problem.  You should see the doctor to confirm this allergy because there are medications you can take orally now to help this allergy that will allow you to get out in the sun at times without the risk of rashes, bumps, etc.  I hope this helps you out.
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Well, Im pretty much giving up on a diagnosis much less treatment. For as long as I can remember sun light has hurt me. Not a burn, blister or rash, straight up boiling grease pain. On cloudy days I can garden, walk or fish all day. UVA & UVB go thru clouds, right? The sun hurts thru my clothes but not thru paper. So if you ever see a woman driving down the highway draped in sales papers, that'll be me. If the sun is on my stomach in the car or wherever, I throw up, plus my skin hurts. I've been adjusting myself to be in the shade for 50 years. At 50 It's worse, much worse. Not only is there pain but I'm nauseous and feel like I've been drained of all power to move about. All this pain and affliction in just 5 - 10 minutes in straight sun light. Please help me if you have any ideas, Thank you, CindyC
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Cindy, have you seen a dermatologist and had a biopsy done? There is prescription medicine to help heal, but I am very photosensitive and get skin eruptions that are extremely itchy and very painful. I use Neutrogena 100% spf...the UVA & UVB protection. Wide brim hats, jean, shoes, lg sleeves...and 'still' have issues even if only a few minutes in sunlight.  I am doing the best I can, but I am learning this is my new life. I am 64. I know some people's bodies adjust and it subsides, but I have this year round and am told it won't go away.  I, like you, enjoy the clouds and setting sun.  I like your paper idea. :)
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