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help for dad alzheimers

Hi all, my dad has alzheimers and mom I think is getting dementia. I moved from another state to help them,originally I lived with them. Well that didn't work out. They loved it but I was extremely miserable. It looks like I'm going to have live with them again. YIKES! Yes I have a brother but he is useless to help. I am not working right now but desperately need to. I see there is help out there for family of alzheimers family. But when I call always run around. Help where do I get help,I need to get paid to help them or something so I can go to work. Is there actual help out there?
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I am new to this area as my Stepdad is in the early stages and I don't know what to do to help my Mom.  

I see this was posted in November so maybe you have found the help you need?

I would call 211 in your parents area and tell them what you looking for. If that does not get you anywhere, then call a local hospital and ask for the social worker to help you.  Prayers going out to you.  
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