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sunlight deficiency and winter depression

I am a 56 year old woman living  in the northern mid west.  Up here our winters tend to be cloudy and sunshine is the exception not the rule.  I have noticed the older I get, the more 'blue' days I experience.  I am in fairly good health with the exception of lower back issues.  I have degenerative disk disease for which I am undergoing pain management. I have an internal neuro-stimulator, wear fentanyl patches and use hydrocodon for break through pain.  I feel more pain when I get cold and consequently do not like to be outside at this time of the year.  Unfortunately I experience functional/depression- not sure that is an offocial thing but sums up my state.  I know I am depressed but can meet the basic requirements of my dialy living.  I find that I must force myself to go out and usually do so only when I can not avoid it.  This is beginning to affect the relationship with my husband.  I know there are many times that we would socialize if not for me 'not feeling well'.  I do not feel like this during the summer months, or when we vacation to warmer climates during the winter months.  I am physical when it is warmer.  I golf, garden, walk, etc.  I am wondering if this depression could be tied to sunlight deficiency or if it is just cold winter blues.  Any suggestions?
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Hi again strangecindy.

I just accidentally erased my reply to you so I'll repeat it but a bit condensed.

heartfluttersflyawayplz offered you a good suggestion.
Find fun and interesting indoor activities as a couple, as well for yourself.

Look into full spectrum lighting for SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
which I'm very familiar with, as I live in Northern Canada.
Also make sure you know your Vitamin D levels.

Watch those opioid meds. They may contribute to your depression,
specially in the winter when the barometric pressure is lower, affecting you production of  natural cortisol - the feel good hormone- thus contributing further to your depression.

Checkout natural alternatives* instead of opioid meds, but as you probably know, the withdrawal  symptoms can be nasty!
You would need a co-operative and knowledgeable health Professional to help you wean off those meds.

Yes, I know, what is going through your mind!. It's a difficult, if not impossible thing to consider at this moment and most people in your position would reject this suggestion instantly!

However, it's a doable recommendation and with the above aforementioned suggestions, it may make a dramatic difference in your life and help rekindle your relationship with your husband.

* Search for Dr. E Sarno, author of many books on pain, specially on back pain, and originator of the Tension Myositis Syndrome.
TMS achieved a 57% success rate among patients with chronic back pain,
according to a 2005 study at the Seligman Medical Institute, which is quite remarkable, considering that it is a totally holistic non-invasive and drug free
There are many other natural remedies and treatments that can help with DDD.

For more responses you may try other communities, as this one is for Alzheimer's disease.
Just check them out, by going to forums on the blue line on top of this page.

If you need more info or details you may also send me a direct message,
by going to my profile box that opens up when you go over my name.


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oh yes the winter months can make you feel that way. i got up today its cold and rainy looking. i really dont wantto leave my house but i need to.  you just have to make yourself get up and out, or you will get into a funk and get lazy and be more tired than you would be if you was out there.

i say yes on the sunlight it always makes us feel better , i love to stand outside and feel the warm on my face or back.

try to go out if not for a hour or find a project to do in your house so at least you are moving and doing something. keep in touch let us know what fun things you found to do as we all need help in the winter time.
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