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Als or Diabetic Neuropathy

I went to my neuro for foot drop that was in my left foot.  He sent me to a physical therapist and he also conducted a Nerve conduction test and an EMG.  He said the nerve conduction was great but the EMB showed the Axiom levels were increaced.  I am afraid he only suspects ALS.  My father died over 30 years ago and until his death did not know what he had.  A doctor at the hospital where he died wrote my mother and said he really suspected ALs but the tests were not conclusive during my father's battle with his illness. My foot drop is improving now and my toes are now working.  I am going to Emory for more invasive testing.  My neuro did not want to do other tests but I demanded a lyme disease test, diabetes test, and a heavy metal test.  What could it be?  Why does he only suspect ALS?
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hi kimmie im sory to hear about ur father ,im having some weird symptoms my self and wondering what symptoms ur father first noticed ive been geeting short of breath like my lungs are tired and burning tickling feeling in 1 leg thank u and good luck
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Regarding doctor, my experence is that some are very narrow focused. Dont be shy (as you were not) in asking questions and demanding tests.  ALS in a rule out diesese, so proper procedure for a Dr. would be to have a battery of tests done before any conclusions. You should get mri's of brain and spine as well as blood tests, amoung others.
Also, do your best to stay positive. I know this is easier said than done. I've been under this cloud for 2 1/2 years and no one who has not experenced it can truly know what its like.
But I can tell you the better my attitude is the better I feel, and I mean physically.

Best of Luck
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Sorry you lost your father.

Symptoms do NOT improve when you have ALS, so the likelihood is that you dont have the disease.
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