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What is my disease?

I have twitches all over my body (not always). (about 3 weeks) I have "fasciculations" at my right leg. (2 weeks) My right leg has some pain. (2 weeks) It hurts when i use it "more". And i feel it is becoming hard to use day by day. (ok, i am not sure the last sentence but my leg was sometimes okay, sometimes bad) . My leg pain starts at my hip.. Actually my hip is more hurts than my leg. My salvia increases last few days.. I am very depressed. And i think/see my right calf is smaller than left one..

I read tons of document about this disease and convince myself i am ALS. But the doctors disagree..

I went three neuros until now. Three of them said to me "you are not ALS". I had brain and servical MRI, EEG, blood tests, tiroid tests. All of them clear.

My first neuro said that "you havent got any atrophy at your tongue etc.". Although she said "als was not recognized from legs." My B12 value is 166. So she gaved me some B12 vitamins and said "you must see a psychiatrist. You are probably a hipocondriac". Oh! and she said "you are funny".

My second neuro said "there is no evidence to think about ALS. So you are not ALS. Even though ALS, EMG wouldnt give any meaningfull results" She call me for EMG later but not now..

My third neuro said "you are absolutely not ALS". She said "we cannot take any reflex at ALS". i read lots of stuff about ALS and i now the term "hyperreflexia". Why was she said like that?

I hope, i explain myself. My English is not so good.

i had panic disorder and atack about 1 year ago. I used "prozac" for 6 months. I cancelled this treatment myself which its probably wrong. So

1. Suggest me something. Will i stop worrying? Or will i go 4th neuro? Why both of three wasnt said "lets take an EMG". Is neurological examination enough?

2. What is the fastest progression of ALS?  Fasciculations after pain after atrophy after saliva.. Is this possible?

3. Maybe its funny but i really believe myself that i am ALS. First i think i am a "leg onset ALS". Than i think its "bulbar onset" because of increased saliva.. Is ALS start both locations?

4. What is the ALS's early symptoms?

5. Am i a hypocondriac?
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Meant "als"
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I believe somewhere down the line, u gave urself reason to believe with ur symptoms, its easy to scare ourselves, I know!! *hugs* in ur case, with 3 nuero's telling u its not asl, I would believe them. I would like to think they know what "red flags" to look for in als and have determined you have none. I wish u the best and hope u can find within urself the answers for which u seek, take care:-)
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